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8 Bold Predictions For PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch In 2018

Microsoft are leaving the console race.
By Scott Tailford

Nintendo Switch: 9 Hidden Console Features You Didn't Know About

It's Nintendo, of course there are a ton of secrets.
By Scott Tailford

10 Worst Nintendo Switch Games Of 2017

Avoid this nonsense like the plague.
By Scott Tailford

20 Best Nintendo Switch Games Of 2017

How complete is your collection?
By Scott Tailford

Pokémon Switch: 10 Ways To Make The Best Pokémon Game Ever

One game to rule 'em all.
By Joe Pring

Nintendo Switch Tips & Tricks: 8 Features You Totally Missed

Have you seen what the Switch can really do?
By Scott Tailford

Nintendo Finally Add Video Capture & Save Transfer To The Switch

Video capture... providing it's 30 seconds or under.
By Krishna Karia

"Crazy Justice" Set To Be The Next Xbox One & Nintendo Switch Cross-Play Game

Once again, Sony don't want to play nice.
By Krishna Karia

15 Video Games That Desperately Need A Nintendo Switch Port

You know you'll double-dip.
By Jack Pooley

10 Most Essential Nintendo Switch Games (So Far)

How's your library shaping up?
By Scott Tailford