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Tom Cruise In Talks For Star Wars Episode 7?

There may be a great disturbance in the force as Cruise reportedly holds talks over Star Wars role.

23 Jun 2014 Mark Worgan

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10 More Most Satisfying Movie Moments of 2013

More of the movie moments that mattered most in the last twelve months.

22 Jan 2014 James Garcia

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Oscars 2014: 10 Movies The Academy Should Consider (But Won't)

Spare a thought for the poor movies that nobody is going to bother with come Oscar time.

6 Jan 2014 James Garcia

film Only God Forgives

2013's Alternative End Of Year Film Awards

Celebrating the entirety of 2013's cinema scene... the very best and the very worst.

30 Dec 2013 Scott Campbell

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10 Types Of Cinematic Apocalypse

30 Jul 2013 Robert Wallis

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Oblivion Video Review

15 Apr 2013 David Pustansky

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Biggest Films of 2013 - Oblivion

5 Jan 2013 Luke Stevenson

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40 Must See Films of 2013

15 Dec 2012 Drew Dietsch

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Skyrim: 4 Reasons Why Tamriel Is The Worst Place to Live, Ever

Tamriel seems like the kind of place that an objective person would avoid like the plague... because they might actually get the plague there.

26 Jul 2012 Clayton Ofbricks

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Morgan Freeman Joins Tom Cruise Sci-Fi Blockbuster Oblivion

Tron Legacy helmer Joseph Kosinski directs adaptation of his own sci-fi comic series, coming to theaters July 19th, 2013.

9 Feb 2012 Matt Holmes

gaming 2011 Game Of The Year

WhatCulture's 2011 Game Of The Year

WhatCulture's readers have voted, find out who your Game of the Year is and check out our recap of the highlights of 2011.

6 Jan 2012 Ed Moorhouse

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The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Review [Xbox 360]

If Bethesda made lager, it would taste a lot better than Carlsberg.

18 Nov 2011 Ed Moorhouse

gaming The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

SKYRIM: Evolution Of A Theme

A little look at the evolution of The Elder Scroll Theme. Get your banners and footsoldiers ready, its gunna be epic.

10 Nov 2011 Ed Moorhouse

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SKYRIM "Oblivion Was A Bit Generic": How Bethesda Are Shaking Up The World Of Skyrim

Bethesda's design team discuss how they went about re-inventing the world of the Elder Scrolls.

31 Oct 2011 Ed Moorhouse