Portal 2

Street Fighter x Tekken

7 Gaming Crossovers We'd Love To See

Game crossovers are like fantasy football, only fun. We delve into the world of what-could-be to see what amazing games could be cooked up with the right ingredients.

15 Apr 2012 Gerry McGuire

2011 Game Of The Year

WhatCulture's 2011 Game Of The Year

WhatCulture's readers have voted, find out who your Game of the Year is and check out our recap of the highlights of 2011.

6 Jan 2012 Ed Moorhouse


Top 5 Video Games of 2011

Our video game reporter Matt Mann chronicles his top five gaming titles of the past 12 months...

1 Jan 2012 Matt Mann


VGA's Game of the Year Nominations

With 'Game of the Year' soon to be announced, check out the nominations and let us know your selection for this prestigious award.

10 Dec 2011 Dom McKenzie


Valve Has Secret New Game Rumor

A new Valve game may have been outed by the husband of voice actresses Ellen McLain but what could it be?

2 Aug 2011 Matt Mann

portal 2

The Power of Two: Why PORTAL 3 Shouldn't Be Made

Even though the craving for another Portal game is huge, with the idea of more puzzles and comedic adventures seaming so welcome, perhaps it is better to leave the franchise alone thus leaving players cherished memories untouched.

29 Jul 2011 Rob John Downer