10 Alternative Comics That Would Make Killer Movies

Alternative comics have a freedom that the more mainstream comics don't, and with Hollywood being awash with goody two-shoes superheroes, we could all be in need of a change.…
By Kristopher Powell

10 Stalled Film & TV Adaptations That We Want To See Made

The ten most anticipated projects you haven't heard of yet (or have been hearing about for years) coming to a screen near you -- or are they? …
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Fate Of Powers TV Series To Be Decided By FX

Small screen adaption of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming's superhero drama/police procedural to be decided March 1st. …
By guest writer

Brian Michael Bendis Tweets POWERS Set Photo’s From TV Pilot

With production in full swing on the FX pilot episode of Powers, creator Brian Michael Bendis has taken the time out from his role of Executive Producer to show off a few of the set photos on his twitter account.…
By Nathan Merchant

10 Comics That Need To Be Made Into Movies

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WALKING DEAD's Chic Eglee Set To Head POWERS

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