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10 Essential Nerd Metal Anthems

By Forrest Gabitsch

A Crazy Little Thing Called The Queen Extravaganza - Live Review

By Chris Brennan

10 Motivational Rock Tracks

By Andrew Lees

5 Reasons Why Muse Are The Modern Queen

By Sam Orchard

8 Classic Movies That Introduced Me To 8 Classic Bands

By Brad Lee

Katy Perry Favourite To Play Freddie Mercury's Girlfriend in Biopic?

27-year-old pop singer could play Mercury's long-time girlfriend Mary Austin in GK Films' biopic of the late Queen frontman.…
By Matt Holmes

Top 20 Christmas Number Ones Of All Time

Just in time for Christmas, WhatCulture run down the twenty best songs to have ever the prestigious Christmas Number One spot in the UK.…
By Simon Gallagher

William Shatner - Seeking Major Tom Review

He's a rock-it man !
By Stephen Leigh

Blu-ray Review: FAREWELL - Slow Plot Hinders Fascinating Cold War History

An important slice of Cold-War history it may be, however the plot can slow to a snail’s pace at times which can’t help but detract from overall enjoyment.…
By Stuart W. Bedford