6 Cinematic Love Letters To Paris

Liberté, égalité, fraternité.
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10 Movie Characters You Want With You When The Apocalypse Comes

Yes, it’s time to think seriously about who you need on your side when the zombie disease hits/a nuclear blast cripples the infrastructure of the world/climate change finally proves all those sceptics wrong.…
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In what has to be one of the worst timed pieces of publicity for a film in recent memory, a new image for the forthcoming Paramount Pictures action film Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol has been revealed this week. …
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50 Reasons Why We Love Pixar

What makes Pixar so great? Is it just the films? Is it the characters? Is it the joyful and playful ethos behind the company? Or is it all of the above? In an EPIC article, Simon Gallagher tries to find out...…
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Pixar Trailers Collection #8: RATATOUILLE (2007)

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