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8 Spooky Predictions Ricky Gervais Got Right In Extras

Everyone knows for certain that making a holocaust film guarantees an Oscar, but what else did Ricky Gervais unwittingly predict?

2 May 2014 Simon Gallagher

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Muppets Most Wanted Review

In spite of all of its flaws, Muppets Most Wanted is still mostly enjoyable.

23 Mar 2014 Ken Guidry

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Ricky Gervais: 10 Best TV Moments

He's one of Britain's leading comedic lights, so there's plenty to recommend. Just try not to cringe.

19 Mar 2014 Mark White

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15 Unlikely British TV Shows To Spawn Hollywood Stars

Yes seriously, Ben Kingsley was in Corrie. MIND BLOWN!

13 Jan 2014 Brian Chapman

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Win: Derek Series One DVD

29 Nov 2013 Simon Gallagher

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Derek: Episode 3 Review

14 Feb 2013 Oscar Harding

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Derek 1.2 Review

6 Feb 2013 Oscar Harding