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10 Best RPGs Of 2015

Could this be the best year for RPGs in gaming history?

5 Dec 2015 Robert Zak

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6 Common RPG Character Cliches And The Disorders They Suffer From

Let's break down typical character cliches and diagnose them with real world disorders.

10 Aug 2012 Andy Wong

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Skyrim: 4 Reasons Why Tamriel Is The Worst Place to Live, Ever

Tamriel seems like the kind of place that an objective person would avoid like the plague... because they might actually get the plague there.

26 Jul 2012 Clayton Ofbricks

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5 Reasons Why RPG Worlds Are Dooming Themselves

Ever wonder what it's like to live in the magical world of an RPG? Don't, because you might end up regretting it.

20 Jul 2012 Andy Wong

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SpellForce 2: Faith In Destiny Review [PC] - Bland But Good

The game is nothing new, but for what it is, it's quite good. By handling its overall "averageness" to the best of its abilities, the game manages to be a very pleasant overall experience, although it's hardly memorable.

22 Jun 2012 Jamell Brown-Smith

Guild Wars 2: Second Beta Weekend Impressions

Another Beta Weekend Event for the upcoming Guild Wars 2 ended yesterday...

11 Jun 2012 Corey Reynolds

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FINAL FANTASY: A History - Part 2

The second part of our epic feature focusing on the history of the sprawling Final Fantasy series of games.

24 Mar 2012 Brad Fear

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FINAL FANTASY: A History - Part I

There are few franchises out there with as beautifully ironic a title as 'Final Fantasy'.

21 Nov 2011 Brad Fear

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The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Review [Xbox 360]

If Bethesda made lager, it would taste a lot better than Carlsberg.

18 Nov 2011 Ed Moorhouse

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MASS EFFECT 3 US Collector's Edition Confirmed

Gamestop confirm details of the Collector's Edition for BioWare's upcoming 2012 RPG release.

18 Nov 2011 Simon Gallagher

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SKYRIM "Oblivion Was A Bit Generic": How Bethesda Are Shaking Up The World Of Skyrim

Bethesda's design team discuss how they went about re-inventing the world of the Elder Scrolls.

31 Oct 2011 Ed Moorhouse

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PS3 Review: Dark Souls

The follow up to the notorious Demon's Souls will lure you in and break your spirit. Prepare to die.

9 Oct 2011 Ed Moorhouse

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Xbox 360 VIDEO REVIEW: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Warhammer's latest entry into the video game market succeeds and fails in equal measure. Check out our video review for the full low down.

28 Sep 2011 Ed Moorhouse

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Xbox 360 Video Review: DEUS EX: Human Revolution

Does Human Revolution live up to the promotional hype we have been reading these last few months? Well the answer lies in our video review...

26 Aug 2011 Ed Moorhouse

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Why ELDER SCROLLS V: SKYRIM Is Going To Ruin Your Social Life

On the 11th of November, you can probably say goodbye to your friends, family and career. It's time to explore the world of Skyrim.

30 Jul 2011 Stephen Leigh