justice league movie

Warner Bros Developing Justice League Movie, Screenwriter Hired

Gangster Squad's Will Beall is developing the script that would likely unite Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Wonder Woman on screen for the first time.

6 Jun 2012 Matt Holmes


Box Office: Valentine's Couples Take The Vow, Rest Check into Denzel's Safe House!

Four new releases gross over $20 million for a record breaking opening weekend.

13 Feb 2012 Matt Holmes


Safe House Review: Competently-Acted But Thoroughly Procedural Thriller

Safe House is a competently-acted but utterly forgettable procedural that's full of exasperatingly idiotic character decisions due to lazy scripting.

7 Feb 2012 Shaun Munro


Ryan Reynolds & Reese Witherspoon To Star in Big Eyes

Tim Burton produces the real life 50's and 60's drama from the biopic specialist screenwriters behind Ed Wood and Man On The Moon.

23 Jan 2012 Matt Holmes

the change up

Blu-ray Review: The Change-Up - The Guiltiest of Pleasures!

If you like your comedies lowbrow and ridiculous then you know that Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynold's won't fail to deliver.

23 Jan 2012 Stuart Cummins

lantern kilowage

50 Reasons Why Green Lantern Movie Sucks

My goal is not to simply make fun of the movie; it’s to further investigate and better understand what went wrong in translating such a great comic book character...

17 Nov 2011 Trevor Gentry-Birnbaum

safe house trailer

SAFE HOUSE Trailer With Denzel Washington & Ryan Reynolds Is Slick, Full Throttle Action!

Tony Scott esque thriller feels tight and lean, only knowing full throttle and it looks like a helluva ride.

4 Nov 2011 Matt Holmes

gl review

Blu-ray Review: GREEN LANTERN - Too Much Glitter, Not Enough Substance

The latest superhero property to get the big screen treatment arrives on blu-ray, but can the home market be any more forgiving to Martin Campbell's Green Lantern?

17 Oct 2011 Simon Gallagher


Is Michael Fassbender THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. For Steven Soderbergh?

With George Clooney ruled out with a back injury, Soderbergh could be looking to his Haywire actor to play Napoleon Solo in his adaptation of the international espionage show of the 60′s.

20 Sep 2011 Matt Holmes

The Change-Up

THE CHANGE-UP Review - Buffoonish Body Swap Comedy

Throwing a little fantasy into the rom-com mix with another stab at the moribund body-swap routine with likeable actors Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds, at face value the ingredients for a fun time seemed to be in place.... sadly that's not the case.

15 Sep 2011 Mark Clark


The Wolverine Delay Confirmed, X-Men: First Class Sequel Next?

Confirmation has come that The Wolverine won't film until summer 2012 at the earliest, with Matthew Vaughn now in talks for X-Men: First Class sequel.

8 Sep 2011 Matt Holmes



WB President Jeff Robinov outlines the future of the DC Universe but still sounds like a man without a clue, or a plan.

3 Aug 2011 Chris Wright

the change up

Latest Red-band Trailer For THE CHANGE-UP!

All I see is two talented actors Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman very badly doing imitations of each other and both failing to capture anything of the others nuances.

3 Aug 2011 Matt Holmes

Review: GREEN LANTERN - Lacking Logic, Invention Or Imagination

17 Jun 2011 Ed Whitfield


Jeff Bridges Will Draw Gun From His Holster For R.I.P.D.

26 May 2011 Matt Holmes

green lantern trailer

New GREEN LANTERN Trailer Still Suffers From Unfinished CGI

4 May 2011 Matt Holmes

jeff nbr

Jeff Bridges To Play Grizzled, Centuries Deceased Gunslinger in R.I.P.D.

29 Apr 2011 Matt Holmes


Zach Galifianakis Drops R.I.P.D To Run For President in SOUTHERN RIVALS

9 Apr 2011 Matt Holmes

deadpool director

X-Men VFX Artist Tim Miller To Direct DEADPOOL

9 Apr 2011 Matt Holmes

green lantern four minutes

Four Minutes Of GREEN LANTERN Makes Me Love Comic Book Movies

2 Apr 2011 Matt Holmes