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The Wolverine Delay Confirmed, X-Men: First Class Sequel Next?

Confirmation has come that The Wolverine won't film until summer 2012 at the earliest, with Matthew Vaughn now in talks for X-Men: First Class sequel.

8 Sep 2011 Matt Holmes

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WB President Jeff Robinov outlines the future of the DC Universe but still sounds like a man without a clue, or a plan.

3 Aug 2011 Chris Wright

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Latest Red-band Trailer For THE CHANGE-UP!

All I see is two talented actors Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman very badly doing imitations of each other and both failing to capture anything of the others nuances.

3 Aug 2011 Matt Holmes

Review: GREEN LANTERN - Lacking Logic, Invention Or Imagination

17 Jun 2011 Ed Whitfield

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Jeff Bridges Will Draw Gun From His Holster For R.I.P.D.

26 May 2011 Matt Holmes

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New GREEN LANTERN Trailer Still Suffers From Unfinished CGI

4 May 2011 Matt Holmes

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Jeff Bridges To Play Grizzled, Centuries Deceased Gunslinger in R.I.P.D.

29 Apr 2011 Matt Holmes

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Zach Galifianakis Drops R.I.P.D To Run For President in SOUTHERN RIVALS

9 Apr 2011 Matt Holmes

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X-Men VFX Artist Tim Miller To Direct DEADPOOL

9 Apr 2011 Matt Holmes

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Four Minutes Of GREEN LANTERN Makes Me Love Comic Book Movies

2 Apr 2011 Matt Holmes


30 Mar 2011 Simon Gallagher

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Producer Says X-MEN 4 & 5 In Active Development, DEADPOOL is 'Total Reboot'

28 Mar 2011 Matt Holmes

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Blu-ray Review: BURIED - Ingenious Thriller That Demands Attention

13 Feb 2011 Shaun Munro

Brendan Gleeson, Robert Patrick, Sam Shephard & Liam Cunningham Enter SAFE HOUSE

9 Feb 2011 Neil Upton

FLETCH Reboot Lives - Again

3 Feb 2011 Neil Upton

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GREEN LANTERN trailer makes me hate comic book movies

17 Nov 2010 Matt Holmes

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Entertainmet Tonight previews 30 seconds of GREEN LANTERN

13 Nov 2010 Matt Holmes

GREEN LANTERN Concept Art Takes Us To 'Oa'

23 Oct 2010 Arvindh

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OWF Interview: Rodrigo Coates on his high-tension thriller BURIED!

7 Oct 2010 Matt Holmes

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FrightFest 2010 Review: BURIED; Visually inventive, brilliantly acted, tense thriller!

29 Sep 2010 Michael Edwards