film deadpool director

X-Men VFX Artist Tim Miller To Direct DEADPOOL

9 Apr 2011 Matt Holmes

film green lantern four minutes

Four Minutes Of GREEN LANTERN Makes Me Love Comic Book Movies

2 Apr 2011 Matt Holmes


30 Mar 2011 Simon Gallagher

film x-men 4

Producer Says X-MEN 4 & 5 In Active Development, DEADPOOL is 'Total Reboot'

28 Mar 2011 Matt Holmes

film buried blu ray review

Blu-ray Review: BURIED - Ingenious Thriller That Demands Attention

13 Feb 2011 Shaun Munro

Brendan Gleeson, Robert Patrick, Sam Shephard & Liam Cunningham Enter SAFE HOUSE

9 Feb 2011 Neil Upton

FLETCH Reboot Lives - Again

3 Feb 2011 Neil Upton

film green lantern trailer

GREEN LANTERN trailer makes me hate comic book movies

17 Nov 2010 Matt Holmes

film green lantern first look

Entertainmet Tonight previews 30 seconds of GREEN LANTERN

13 Nov 2010 Matt Holmes

GREEN LANTERN Concept Art Takes Us To 'Oa'

23 Oct 2010 Arvindh

film buried director rodrgio

OWF Interview: Rodrigo Coates on his high-tension thriller BURIED!

7 Oct 2010 Matt Holmes

film nnvfd

FrightFest 2010 Review: BURIED; Visually inventive, brilliantly acted, tense thriller!

29 Sep 2010 Michael Edwards

film reynolds cooper

Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper will leave women weak at the knee's after giving BLOWBACK!

30 Aug 2010 Matt Holmes

film schewnr

RED director circling Ryan Reynolds' cop in hell movie R.I.P.D.

12 Aug 2010 Matt Holmes

film lantern reynolds

DEADPOOL creator Rob Liefeld panics over potential Ryan Reynolds drop-out

12 Aug 2010 Matt Holmes

film reynolds green ant

GREEN LANTERN heading for a trilogy, screenwriters hired, DEADPOOL might be sacrificed?

9 Aug 2010 Matt Holmes

film deadpool-rodrigue

Robert Rodriguez in talks for Fox's X-MEN spin-off DEADPOOL!

2 Aug 2010 Arvindh

film abin sur ss

SDCC: Abin Sur's Final Resting Place

23 Jul 2010 Arvindh

Six images from GREEN LANTERN, one new THOR still

16 Jul 2010 Matt Holmes

film lantern reynolds

First Look: Ryan Reynolds in motion captured GREEN LANTERN suit

All CGI suit? Really? Come on!!

15 Jul 2010 Matt Holmes