Saints Row

20 Ridiculously Low Game Ratings You Won’t Believe

How do you only give Saints Row IV a 76?!
By Drew King

10 Largest Grossing Video Games That Are Just Soulless Cash-Cows

The video game industry isn't 100% gamer-oriented anymore. This multi-billion dollar industry is in it for the cash.…
By Dylan Cox

THQ Gone: Saints Row, South Park & WWE Find New Homes, Darksiders Dead?

By Simon Gallagher

GTA vs Saints Row vs APB: Which Sandbox Is Best?

We try to equate how much fun each part of each game is to an activity I know you sick puppies enjoy, killing the innocent bystanders.…
By Clayton Ofbricks

Take-Two CEO Says THQ Dead In 6 Months

By Matt Mann

THQ in More Financial Trouble?

NASDAQ is threatening to remove THQ from the American Stock Exchange after stocks dropped under $1 for more than thirty days. …
By Matt Mann

THQ In Financial Trouble?

Gaming Insider says the company are struggling but the report has been denied by THQ staff.
By Matt Mann

Saints Row: The Third Review [XBox 360]

The Saints' third outing is lewd, sexist, prurient, unnecessarily violent and utterly flippant in its approach to wanton destruction. But then this is of course, the point.…
By Jim Cross

Saints Row: The Third - Preview

WhatCulture's Jim Cross previews THQ's bonkers sandbox threequel.
By Jim Cross

AMD Claims XBOX 720 Will Have Avatar Like Graphics

AMD, the company behind the hardware system of the Xbox 360 has said the next version of the console will have the capabilities to produce graphic detail that could match James Cameron's groundbreaking film.…
By Matt Mann