Sara Paxton

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The Innkeepers Blu-ray Review: A Slow and Mediocre Horror

Ti West's latest offers a study in old school slow burning American horror that proves watchable if unmemorable.

2 Jul 2012 Jeff Ball

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Blu-ray Review: Shark Night 3D - Thriller Without Any Bite

If you loved Piranha 3D with a passion, you need to head straight down to you local Blu-ray emporium to check out today's release of Shark Night 3D!

23 Jan 2012 Stuart Cummins

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THE INNKEEPERS Review: Innovative Before Becoming Cliched

Director Ti West attempts to turn the horror genre on its head, but fails in execution and a weak ending keep the film from being truly innovative.

2 Jan 2012 Trevor Gentry-Birnbaum

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SHARK NIGHT 3D Review: A Toothless Mess Of A Film

Little more than a brain damaged, irony-free, and curiously toothless attempt to retread the success of last year's surprising summer gorefest, Piranha 3D.

2 Oct 2011 Shaun Munro