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12 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Sega Mega Drive

The Mega Drive had wireless controllers!?

30 Apr 2015 Jamie Kennedy

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Win: Football Manager 2014 For PC

24 Nov 2013 Simon Gallagher

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NiGHTS Into Dreams HD Remake Announced

Sega announces NiGHTS Into Dreams HD Remake.

5 Jul 2012 Matt Mann

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SEGA Closing European and Australian Offices

Sega closing studios as part of a restructuring plan.

28 Jun 2012 Matt Mann

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Anarchy Reigns Delayed Until 2013

Anarchy Reigns joins the growing list of games delayed until 2013.

19 Jun 2012 Matt Mann

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11 Awesome Video Game Music Covers You Need To Listen To

Many people have too much time on their hands. Luckily, some of them can combine a love of computer games with a talent for music. Here are a few of the best.

11 Jun 2012 Robert Beames

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Top 4 Worst Ever Gaming Peripherals

Sometimes the console and controller aren't enough. But sometimes, they definitely are.

27 May 2012 Sean Curran

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Sega Delays Anarchy Reigns

Anarchy Reigns delayed for the second time.

26 May 2012 Matt Mann

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SEGA CEO Mike Hayes Leaving the Company

Sega announced they are replacing current CEO Mike Hayes.

30 Apr 2012 Matt Mann

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Nintendo Takes $530 Million Loss

Nintendo post first ever net loss of $530 million.

26 Apr 2012 Matt Mann

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Sega, Capcom and Namco Working on 3DS Crossover Game

Three of the biggest names in video games will be crossing over.

11 Apr 2012 Matt Mann

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Sonic 4 Episode 2 Coming in May With Metal Sonic

Sonic is speeding his way back for Episode 2 on May 15, and he's bringing along his robotic counter part.

11 Apr 2012 Michael Shelton

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Are Sega In Financial Trouble?

Today Sega has announced major cut backs to both jobs and games in both the United States and Europe to stream-line the brand.

30 Mar 2012 Matt Mann

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Game Gear Titles To Hit 3DS eShop Later Today

Game Gear classics to appear on 3DS e-Shop's Virtual Console.

29 Mar 2012 Stephen Leigh

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Sega Titles Will Soon Be Available Through Origin

Total War Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai will be leading the charge and will be the first title to hit the platform.

15 Mar 2012 Corey Milne

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House Of The Dead 4 Returns To PSN This April

Seven years after its original release, the arcade classic is getting a fresh breath of life blown through its shambling corpse.

15 Mar 2012 Corey Milne

gaming Binary domain

Binary Domain Review [XBox360]

Sega's latest addition to the sci-fi FPS shooter market is far from innovative, but what it apes, it apes well and there is a lot of fun to be had in its gleefully reckless anti-Mech violence.

11 Mar 2012 Simon Gallagher

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RETROspective: Jet Set Radio

With Sega recently announcing a HD revamp for Xbox Live and the Playstation Network, RETROspective takes a look back at the revolutionary Jet Set Radio.

27 Feb 2012 Stephen Leigh

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Crush 3D Review [3DS]

Does Sega's 3DS puzzler impress, or is it a crushing disappointment ?

22 Feb 2012 Stephen Leigh