Are Sega In Financial Trouble?

Today Sega has announced major cut backs to both jobs and games in both the United States and Europe to stream-line the brand.

30 Mar 2012 Matt Mann

Binary domain

Binary Domain Review [XBox360]

Sega's latest addition to the sci-fi FPS shooter market is far from innovative, but what it apes, it apes well and there is a lot of fun to be had in its gleefully reckless anti-Mech violence.

11 Mar 2012 Simon Gallagher


RETROspective: Jet Set Radio

With Sega recently announcing a HD revamp for Xbox Live and the Playstation Network, RETROspective takes a look back at the revolutionary Jet Set Radio.

27 Feb 2012 Stephen Leigh


Crush 3D Review [3DS]

Does Sega's 3DS puzzler impress, or is it a crushing disappointment ?

22 Feb 2012 Stephen Leigh