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Alex Reviews Mr Holmes - There's No Sh*t In This Sherlock

Ian McKellen's aged detective is phenomenal.

22 Jun 2015 Alex Leadbeater

tv Sherlock Vs Nuwho Edited

11 Shocking Similarities Between Doctor Who And Sherlock

One travels through time. The other investigates crime.

11 May 2015 Anna Rinaldi

tv BBC

10 Times Doctor Who Has Ripped Off Other Franchises

A long time ago in a TARDIS far, far away...

7 May 2015 Terry Warner

tv BBC

20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Sherlock

The trivia is afoot.

12 Nov 2014 Alex Leadbeater

tv BBC

Sherlock: 10 "Mouthwatering Ideas" For Upcoming One-Off Special

One such story involving a jewel and a goose...

8 May 2014 Daniel Mumby

tv tumblr

10 Songs Forever Ruined By TV Shows

For that awful association we all have between the end of The Sopranos and THAT Journey song... *shudder*

18 Apr 2014 Victoria Irwin

tv HBO

8 Great TV Shows That Would Have Had Incredible Prequels

We've seen Tony Soprano's fall, so why not his rise?

22 Mar 2014 Mark White

music BBC

Sherlock: 10 Best Music Compositions

Stop watching it, and just listen. You'll deduce there's some beautiful music in the background.

19 Mar 2014 Cailin Coane

tv source // BBC

Sherlock Series 3: 20 Canonical References You May Have Missed

Being honest, if you got these, you're some sort of Sherlock genius.

7 Mar 2014 Austin Smith

tv HBO

12 Best 2000s TV Dramas We've All Been Glued To

With TV going from strength to strength in the new millennium, this is no easy task...

6 Mar 2014 Daniel Rafacz

tv BBC

10 Moments When Sherlock Was A Complete Jerk

Just because you're a high functioning sociopath, it doesn't mean you have to be an arse.

28 Feb 2014 Mark White

tv BBC

10 Hugely Anticlimactic TV Reveals

Celebrating those times the writers wanted to clock off early, so phoned it in massively.

27 Feb 2014 Mark White

tv BBC

10 Badass Moments From TV Characters You Never Expected

Reliving those times when the quiet ones stepped up to the plate and kicked all sorts of ass.

25 Feb 2014 Mark White

tv Twd The Gov And Woodbury Burning

9 Famous TV Villains You Didn't Realise Were Complete Morons

These guys look like geniuses at first glance. That glance would be wrong.

22 Feb 2014 Marion

tv BBC

Sherlock: 10 Ingenious Pieces Of Foreshadowing You Never Noticed

Not even the great detective himself would have spotted these.

19 Feb 2014 Mark White

tv BBC

Sherlock: A Guide To The 9 Gayest Moments

Arguably the most enduring question in modern TV. Are they or aren't they? Face the facts...

13 Feb 2014 Rebecca Kulik

tv BBC

Sherlock's 10 Greatest Insults

It's not enough that he's clever. He has to be rude too...

12 Feb 2014 Joe Gardner

tv CBS

11 Awesome TV Characters That Keep Getting Unfairly Sidelined

When an awesome TV character gets sidelined, it's often a matter of the writers never intending for them too important, or if they just can't think of what to do with them.

10 Feb 2014 Kelly Scanlon

tv AMC

10 Unsung TV Characters Who Completely Save Their Show

They might not be top billed, but without them, these shows wouldn't even work.

9 Feb 2014 Mark White

tv Hal Walter White

8 Utterly Ridiculous TV Castings That Totally Rocked Anyway

Because if you thought Hal Wilkerson would make a good amoral drug lord, you're totally a liar.

7 Feb 2014 Ainsley Gordon-Martin