Lawless Review: Were The Cast and Crew On Moonshine?

Failing on the most fundamental levels of storytelling and filmmaking, this is a massive missed opportunity, which fails to exploit the obvious talent of the stellar cast and crew and potential of a rich story.

7 Sep 2012 Adam Rayner

transformers 4

Transformers 4 Teaser Poster - "Evil Will Burn"

Dreamworks has unleashed this haunting image of Optimus Prime glaring down at us mere humans along with the year we can expect Michael Bay’s final (?) Transformers film to hit cinemas.

20 Jun 2012 Ramin Shabestari

aja horns

Alexandre Aja To Direct Joe Hill's HORNS

Will helm an adaptation of the novel that follows a 26 year old guy who awakens from a black-out hangover to find that he has thorns coming out of his head, Hellboy style.

9 Dec 2011 Matt Holmes

transformers 4

Jason Statham Wanted For TRANSFORMERS 4 & 5

Michael Bay is in talks to direct the next two robot action installments back-to-back with Statham replacing LaBeouf. Transporter vs. Transformers? Bring it on.

18 Oct 2011 Matt Holmes