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10 Reasons Star Wars Battlefront Is The Best Star Wars Game Ever

EA's reimagining is more than good enough to stand in great company.
By Gareth Cartwright

Star Wars Battlefront: 5 Things You Need To Know About The New Single Player Mode

It's not quite what we were asking for.
By Alex Leadbeater

Jyn Erso & Director Krennic Confirmed For Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One DLC

Does this mean Director Krennic will be popping up on Scarif?
By Scott Tailford

Star Wars Battlefront: Skirmish Mode Confirmed, DLC Reveal Teased

Star Wars: Celebration isn't just about the movies...
By Simon Gallagher

10 Things Star Wars Battlefront 2 Must Include

Some of the big guns DICE and EA must pull out to avoid Battlefront 2 from falling flat.
By Martin Harp

Star Wars Battlefront To Be Annual Franchise, Starting With Episode VII & VIII Content

That's EXACTLY how marketing works.
By Scott Tailford

Star Wars Battlefront Sequel Set For Next Year

The force remains strong for EA Dice's action shooter.
By Benjamin Richardson

Star Wars Battlefront: 8 Past Features DICE Must Bring Back

Galactic Conquest, Hero Assault, Command Posts?! What were they thinking?
By Louis Evans

Star Wars Battlefront: 7 Free DLC Packs It Desperately Needs

Why can't we play as Yoda?!
By Connor Bennett

Star Wars Battlefront: 9 Perfect Ways To Do The Force Awakens DLC

TR-8R's electric shock-stick thing. Give us that, NOW.
By Michael Potts