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The Biggest Problem With Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is J.J. Abrams

Let the hate flow through you.
By James Hunt

Star Wars Episode IX: John Boyega Wants A Longer Fight Scene

Just so long as he doesn't yell "CHROME DOME!" again.
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8 Simple Fixes To Improve Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Honestly, how hard would the green lightsaber have been?
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10 More Movies That Killed Completely The Wrong Character

Death is part of life. It just did not have to come so soon for these characters.
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Every 2018 Oscar Nominee Ranked From Worst To Best

From baffling clunkers to undisputed masterpieces.
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Star Wars: Luke Skywalker Probably Doesn't Have A Wife In The Last Jedi Novelisation

Sorry, Mara Jade fans.
By James Hunt

How Much Star Wars Is Too Much Star Wars?

Are we getting too much of a good thing?
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20 Best Movies Moments Of 2017

The scenes that made movies worth the watch in 2017.
By Helen Jones

14 Things That Would Have Happened After 2017 Movies Ended

Leia gets one hell of a funeral.
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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Deleted Scene Reveals Rey's Third Lesson

You must complete your training.
By James Hunt