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10 Current Doctor Who Problems And How To Fix Them

Sometimes it takes more than a sonic screwdriver.

9 Jan 2015 Guest Writer

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10 Things Doctor Who Fans Can Thank Steven Moffat For

It's not all bad news.

17 Dec 2014 Jon Garcia

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10 Things Steven Moffat Has Given The Doctor Who Fandom

Is he a good man? Let's find out.

12 Dec 2014 Paul Zurheide

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Doctor Who: 10 Choices For The Next Showrunner

Steven Moffat's most likely successors.

10 Dec 2014 Graham Piro

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Doctor Who: 5 Reasons Why Daleks Still Matter

Are we closer to the daleks than we have ever been?

21 Jul 2014 Mary Ogle

film Doctor Who Star Wars Crossover

10 Biggest Movie And TV News This Week (July 12)

Has Doctor Who show runner Steven Moffat been chosen for a Star Wars spin-off?

12 Jul 2014 James Garcia

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Doctor Who: 10 Creepiest Corners Of Steven Moffat’s Mind

From the look of his output, there must be some pretty big demons running around up there.

16 Jun 2014 Chris Quicksilver

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Doctor Who: 8 Shockingly Predictable Habits Of Specific Writers

Why be original when you can lean back on comfy old plots?

24 Mar 2014 Mark White

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Doctor Who Series 8: 10 Actors Who Could Play The Master

Former 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoy revealed at the weekend that a new actor will play The Master in series 8...

11 Mar 2014 William Sterling

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Sherlock: 10 Ingenious Pieces Of Foreshadowing You Never Noticed

Not even the great detective himself would have spotted these.

19 Feb 2014 Mark White

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Sherlock's 10 Greatest Insults

It's not enough that he's clever. He has to be rude too...

12 Feb 2014 Joe Gardner

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Doctor Who Series 8: 10 Exciting Details And Rumours (February Update)

All of the latest Whovian news to help fill the 7 month episode void.

12 Feb 2014 Mark White

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Sherlock: 10 Crazy Twists That Would Turn The Show Upside Down

Fandoms are like the oceans - the deeper you go, the darker they get - and in the case of the Sherlock fandom, the more we wait, the weirder our theories become.

5 Feb 2014 Mark White

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Doctor Who: 12 Fanboy Complaints That Need To Die

Definitive truth that you just can't please all of the Whovians all of the time.

5 Feb 2014 Baz Greenland

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Doctor Who: 7 Key Themes That Defined The Matt Smith Era

7 things that made Matt Smith's turn as the Doctor one of the best ever.

27 Jan 2014 Nate Rester

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Doctor Who: 10 Biggest Problems With The Matt Smith Era

Many of these are unforgivable in the context of their own internal logic.

26 Jan 2014 David Hooks

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Sherlock Series 4: 5 Stories Moffat And Gatiss Should Avoid

100 year old spoilers will be revealed...

26 Jan 2014 Joe Gardner

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Sherlock: Every Episode Ranked Worst To Best

They're all fantastic, but if you were to watch one - any one - right now for the next hour and a half, which one would it be?

25 Jan 2014 Mark White