Steven Spielberg

Alden Ehrenreich Hail Caesar Steven Spielberg

Star Wars: Steven Spielberg Discovered New Han Solo At A Bat Mitzvah

Director vouched for Alden Ehrenreich.
By James Hunt
harrison ford indiana jones

Indiana Jones 5 Coming July 19, 2019!

Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg aren't ready to put Indy in a museum yet.
By Alex Leadbeater
the flash ezra miller

The Flash Speeds Forward With New Release Date... Ready Player One Isn't Quite Ready Yet

Spielberg blinked first in his stare-down with Star Wars Episode VIII.
By Dan Woburn

The BFG Teaser Trailer - Watch It Here!

Dahl and Spielberg = match made in heaven?
By Dan Woburn
Willy Wonka Wilder

Steven Spielberg Trying To Bring Gene Wilder Out Of Retirement

And you wrongly assumed he was dead.
By Daniel Kelly
Steven Spielberg Ready Player One

Steven Spielberg Is Ready Player One!

Your Spielberg expansion pack will be ready for December 2017.
By Daniel Kelly
Bridge Of Spies Tom Hanks

10 Most Hotly-Anticipated Historical Films Still To Be Released In 2015

From Cold War thrillers to Steve Jobs' biopic, history lovers still have a stellar year ahead.
By Chris Waugh
Spielberg Bfg

Martin Freeman And Bill Hader Rumoured For Steven Spielberg's BFG

Production will get underway on March 23rd.
By Brendon Connelly
Jennifer Lawrence Its What I Do

Jennifer Lawrence Says It's What I Do

She’ll live life through a lens for Spielberg.
By Nicholas Staniforth
Chris Pratt arrives at the Oscars on Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Does Chris Pratt Actually Want To Play Indiana Jones?

Star-Lord talks about the possibility on the Oscar red carpet.
By Nicholas Staniforth
Chris Pratt Indiana Jones

Steven Spielberg Wants To Direct Chris Pratt As Indiana Jones

New actor but not new director.
By Brendon Connelly
Pratt Indiana

Chris Pratt Is Indiana Jones?

From Star Lord to Raider of the Lost Ark?
By Josh Wilding
Spielberg Interstellar

10 Directors Who Almost Directed 2014's Biggest Movies

Very close encounters...
By Simon Gallagher
Spielberg Et

10 Amazing Unmade Steven Spielberg Films

The ET sequel you never knew you needed...and feared.
By Tom Baker
Spielberg Et

5 Perfect Directors To Helm An Uncharted Movie

It surely can't be long until Nathan Drake gets his big silver screen chance.
By David Keeble
Lost World Spielberg

10 Times Your Favourite Directors Totally Let You Down

You're not who we thought you were.
By Sam Hill
Indiana Jones

25 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Indiana Jones

Happy birthday Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade.
By Simon Gallagher
Indiana Jones Dinosaurs

10 Indiana Jones Movies You Won't Believe Almost Happened

Indy fighting ghostly Barons in Scotland? Riding a rhinoceros into Nazi tanks? Teaming up with…
By WhatCulture

15 Directors Who Do The Same Thing In Every Movie

It's a good bet Tarantino will include feet and obligatory trunk shots no matter what the…
By Mark Allen

Neill Blomkamp Back On Board To Direct Halo?

By Ryan N. Glenn

8 Reasons Why Indiana Jones Is A Terrible Archaeologist

By Henri Pearson
Coolhandluke 117pyxurz

6 WTF Links Between Ridiculously Different Movies

By Katherine Koba
Jurassic Park 3

Jurassic World: 10 Dinosaurs That Must Be Included

By Jack Gann
Marilyn Monroe Alfred Hitchcock

10 Actor/Director Team-Ups We Can't Believe Never Happened

By Brogan Morris
Jurassic World

Jurassic Park World To Open June 12, 2015

By Joseph Dempsey
Danny Boyle The Beach

10 Once Great Directors Who Suddenly Missed The Mark

By Alex Leadbeater

25 Greatest American Directors Of All Time

By Paul Sorrells

9 Awesome Trilogies Made From Completely Unrelated Films

By Alex Leadbeater
steven spielberg

Steven Spielberg And The Movie Theatre Of Doom

By Alfred Price

5 Directors Who Fell Back On Their Star Properties After Years Away

By Michael Thompson