Taken 2

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10 Movie Sequels Nobody Asked For

Why Hollywood? WHY?

12 Dec 2013 John Quigley

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Taken 2 Review: A Lazy Sequel With Few Merits

An abject failure as both a slick actioner and a familial drama, Taken 2 signs its series' own death warrant.

19 Sep 2012 Shaun Munro

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Taken 2 Trailer Hits

A new trailer for the film has been released.

6 Jul 2012 Greggory Basore

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Taken 2 International Trailer Arrives

Taken 2 looks extremely promising. The casting is excellent, the landscapes look rich and luxurious, all of which helps to buff the gritty storyline.

21 Jun 2012 Neil Tillbrook

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Taken 2 Poster Arrives

A new international poster for Taken 2 is out and tells you all you need to know: that Liam Neeson is back and armed and waiting to bust a cap on the first sorry S.O.B. that walks through that door.

20 Jun 2012 Ramin Shabestari