The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger Joker

8 Theories About The Origins Of Heath Ledger’s Joker

We think we know how he got those scars.
By Alex Leadbeater
The Dark Knight

10 Awesome Movies Where The Bad Guy Wins

Sometimes it's good to be bad.
By WhatCulture
Heath Ledger Joker Batman

13 Movie Villains You Didn't Know Almost Played The Hero

The heroic near-misses that almost robbed us of some of cinema's best villains.
By Simon Gallagher
Heath Ledger Diary

10 Movies With Creepy On-Set Stories

The truth is stranger than fiction.
By Jack Pooley
Joker Hero Theory

10 Batman Movie Theories That Were Bat-Sh*t Crazy

Every time a Batman movie is announced, bat-guano follows.
By Percival Constantine
Vader Boards The Transport Ii 600 X 300

20 Most Epic Character Introductions In Movies

You only get once chance to make a great first impression.
By Scott Campbell
The Joker Heath Ledger Driving

10 Most Intense Comic Book Movie Performances Ever

Sometimes acting like a supervillain is a good thing.
By Tom Baker

10 Supporting Film Characters That Completely Stole The Spotlight

It's their movie, whether you like it or not.
By Matt Volpi
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10 Epic Movie Moments You Won't Believe Used No CGI

Iconic moments brought to you by directors who prefer to play outside.
By Phil Archbold
The Dark Knight Joker

12 Best Comic Book Movie Trailers Ever

Let's put a smile on that face.
By James Hunt

8 Little Known Nuances In Tom Hardy’s Performance That Made Nolan’s Bane Awesome

The making of Bane.
By Alex Leadbeater
5 Death in the Family

10 Most Tragic Deaths In The History Of Batman

You were actually responsible for one of the deaths. Yes, you!
By Adam Holmes
3 The Dark Knight

25 Greatest Movie Endings Since 2000

From Christopher Nolan's jaw-droppers to the devastating, the hilarious, and the truly screwed…
By Jack Pooley
The Joker Heath Ledger

10 Movie Villains You Didn't Realise Actually Won

Think the heroes of these films got the last laugh? Think again.
By Johno Patterson
The Dark Knight Joker

8 Ways Heath Ledger’s Joker Almost Turned Out Completely Different

It was all part of the plan.
By Alex Leadbeater
the bstman dark knight game

9 Cancelled Superhero Video Games That Would've Made Millions

Battling the Joker in a Dark Knight tie-in would've been incredible, and you almost got it.
By Scott Tailford
Frank Miller Batman

10 Comic Book Creators Who Hate Comic Book Movies

Frank Miller really doesn't like The Dark Knight.
By Rob Leane
Batman Michael Keaton Kim Basinger

Ranking Every Batman Movie From Worst To Best

The extreme highs and unimaginable lows of the Batman franchise.
By Jacob Trowbridge
Joker Clap

7 Ways Jared Leto's Joker Will Be Different To Heath Ledger

Still so serious?
By Tom Nicholson
Dark Knight Aaron Eckhart

8 Little Known Ways Aaron Eckhart Made Nolan’s Two-Face Awesome

The actor The Dark Knight needed and deserved.
By Alex Leadbeater
The Dark Knight Two Face Harvey Dent Aaron Eckhart

8 Terrible Comic Book Movie Performances By Great Actors

Do you reckon they care?
By Taylor Burns
Dark Knight

20 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Dark Knight Trilogy

Two Face's coin predicted the future!
By Josh Wilding
The Dark Knight Knife Brighter

12 Greatest Escapes In Comic Book Movies

He just wants to make a phone call.
By Sean Gerber
The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight - Watch A Video Essay That Exposes The Film's Secrets

You'll never watch the 2008 blockbuster the same way again.
By Daniel Kelly
Avengers Batman

25 Highest Grossing Movies Of All-Time - Ranked

It's about which movie is the best, not how much they made.
By Josh Wilding
Christian Bale Dark Knight Rises

8 Little Known Sacrifices Christian Bale Made To Make Nolan’s Batman Awesome

Time to appreciate greatness.
By Alex Leadbeater
Joker Gif

20 Most Iconic Villain Introductions In Movie History

Avoid bumping into these guys at all costs.
By Andrew Dilks
The Dark Knight Joker Heath Ledger Nurse Bus

9 Awesome Deleted Scenes From The Dark Knight Trilogy

If you love The Dark Knight Trilogy, then you'll want to see these.
By Brandon Jacobs
Heath Ledger Joker

20 Most Critically Adored Comic Book Movies

Who says they're just for kids?
By Samuel Clements
Batman Begins Batman And Robin

13 Awesome Movies That Only Happened Because Of Awful Flops

Without the garbage, there would be no gold...
By Jack Pooley