gaming Water Temple

10 Truly Annoying Levels In Awesome Video Games

27 Jan 2013 James Alexander Allen

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Skyrim PS3 DLC Saga: 5 Rumours For Future Content

16 Jan 2013 Joseph Dempsey

gaming rim

Skyrim "Dragonborn" DLC Coming To PS3 After All?

A Tweet by Bethesda states that the developers are "close" on new DLC for the PS3.

9 Nov 2012 Joseph Dempsey

Skyrim Dragonborn Trailer: What We Learned

7 Nov 2012 Alex Hawksworth-Brookes

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Skyrim Downloadable Content - PS3 Users Set To Get 3 DLC's?

Third DLC for Skyrim in the works, could launch onto PS3 with Dawnguard and Hearthfire?

22 Oct 2012 Joseph Dempsey

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Skyrim Dawnguard On PS3 Close - Bethesda Working On 3rd DLC?

Bethesda could be working on a third Skyrim DLC pack, whist they are still hoping to release Dawnguard and Hearthfire "for all".

18 Oct 2012 Joseph Dempsey

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Skyrim: 4 Reasons PS3 Players Should Keep Faith With Bethesda

Four reasons why PS3 fans should keep the faith with Bethesda.

29 Sep 2012 Joseph Dempsey

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Before GTA V: 5 Reasons Why Skyrim Is Better Than Grand Theft Auto

There. I said it. Skyrim is better than Grand Theft Auto, and here's why.

28 Sep 2012 Joseph Dempsey

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Game of Thrones: 5 Ways to Make a Great Video Game Adaptation

21 Sep 2012 Brandon Jacobs

gaming hearthfire-packfront

Skyrim Hearthfire DLC Review

The main positive is that Hearthfire is cheap, other than that, it represents a good concept that is implemented in the most tedious fashion possible.

5 Sep 2012 Alex Hawksworth-Brookes

gaming skyrim hearth

Bethesda "Not Positive" Skyrim DLC Will Be Released On PS3

Skyrim's second batch of downloadable content was released onto the Xbox 360 today.

4 Sep 2012 Joseph Dempsey

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Skyrim: 5 Ways It Impressed

5 things that did actually impress me about Skyrim.

8 Aug 2012 Ryan Musker

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10 Glitches That Ruined Your Favourite Games

Many of these examples were blocked from our memory as a subconscious defense mechanism, they were just that painful. But it really does help to talk about it…

6 Aug 2012 Stuart W. Bedford

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Skyrim: Dawnguard PC and PS3 Release Addressed by Bethesda

This week at Quakecon, Bethesda released some good news, which was unfortunately marred with some bad.

3 Aug 2012 Stuart W. Bedford

gaming Dawnguard

Skyrim: Dawnguard Review [Xbox 360]

We all know that Skyrim was a huge slice of epic, but how does the first instalment of DLC shape up?

30 Jul 2012 Ed Moorhouse

gaming 2011-10-25-skyrim_dragon-2-600x300

Top 10 Skyrim Quests

It’s safe to say that Skyrim really is a gamer’s game and so in joyous celebration of that, allow us present to you with our 10 favourite quests from the RPG that ate our lives.

17 Jul 2012 Stuart W. Bedford

gaming Shout

Skyrim: 10 Most Useful Shouts and Where to Learn Them

It’s worth getting your head around these extra spells, as utilising them effectively can turn an ugly situation into a cake walk.

9 Jul 2012 Stuart W. Bedford

gaming Skyrim Artifacts

Skyrim: Top 10 Artifacts and Where To Find Them

SPOILERS! We list the best Daedric artifacts in Skyrim, and guide you to their whereabouts

6 Jul 2012 Simon Gallagher

gaming SkyrimDawnguard

Skyrim's Dawnguard DLC Receives Xbox 360 Exclusive Beta

Are you a hardened adventurer thirsting for a new quest to conquer? Well, Bethesda might help you get there just a little bit sooner.

2 Jun 2012 Michael Shelton

gaming skyrim

Skyrim's First DLC "Dawnguard" Gets Official Trailer

Bethesda shows off the first DLC offering for Skyrim, and reveals the choices you will have to face in this vampire infested content.

1 Jun 2012 Michael Shelton