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The Flash: Sam Raimi, Matthew Vaughn And Robert Zemeckis In Talks To Direct?

It's beginning to look very interesting...
By Simon Gallagher

The Flash Season 3: 7 Theories On Savitar's True Identity

Which of Team Flash is the secret villain this time?
By Christian Bone

The Flash: Back To The Future's Robert Zemeckis Linked As Director

Somehow though, "talking to" doesn't mean "in talks".
By Simon Gallagher

The Flash Supergirl Musical Crossover: 14 Easter Eggs & References In 'Duet' You Need To See

The Guys and Dolls in this Central City Story were absolutely Fantastick!
By James Hunt

10 Biggest Arrowverse Moments Of 2016

From aliens to paradoxes, 2016 was a giant year for the Arrowverse.
By Daniel Schwartz

Ranking Every Superhero TV Show From Worst To Best

Marvel and DC are a lot closer on the small screen than they are the big, but who's the winner? …
By James Hunt

Arrowverse Crossover: 10 Most Awesome Moments From 'Invasion' (Part 1)

In the wise words of Felicity Smoak, this week's Flash has the "Best. Team-up. Ever!" 
By James Hunt

12 Worst Time Travel Goofs In The Flash (So Far)

Where we're going, we don't need common sense.
By Jack Morrell

The Flash Season 3: 5 Ups And 3 Downs From 'Magenta'

A new villain and a new speedster arrive while Wally West acts the fool.
By Andrew Pollard

The Flash Season 3: 9 Big Questions We're Asking After 'Magenta' 

This episode is another sub-part outing for The Flash during its third season... NOT!
By James Hunt