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The Mentalist Review 5.13, 'The Red Barn'

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TV Review: The Mentalist 5.12, 'Little Red Corvette'

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Red Sails in the Sunset

TV Review: The Mentalist 5.8, 'Red Sails in the Sunset'

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TV Review: The Mentalist 5.04, 'Blood Feud'

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The Mentalist 5.1, 'The Crimson Ticket' - Review/Recap

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Win The Mentalist - The Complete Fourth Season on DVD

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The Mentalist Season 5: Press Release And Promotional Photos

CBS has released both the official press release and promotional photos ahead of The…
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5 Reasons To Be Excited For The Mentalist Season 5

Ahead of the season premiere next month on CBS.
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Emmy Awards: Why They Unfairly Stigmatize The Procedural Drama

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TV Recap/Review: The Mentalist 4.24, 'The Crimson Hat'

After another brilliant season of The Mentalist, the annual finale once again promised…
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TV Review: The Mentalist 4.23, 'Red Rover, Red Rover'

Wow. I said last week to expect little fun and a ton of intensity in these last two episodes -…
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TV Review: The Mentalist 4.22, 'So Long, and Thanks For All the Red Snapper'

Patrick Jane loves the outdoors. This has always been the case and was apparent once again…
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