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The Mummy: 5 Key Things We Already Know

Digging up some of 2017's The Mummy's secrets.
By Zach Bowen

10 Monster Movies The Mummy Needs To Improve Upon

Because nobody wants to see The Mummy Untold.
By Ian Watson

Russell Crowe Says The Mummy Reboot Is Going To "Scare The Sh*t Out Of You"

Aussie confirms his role in the film.
By James Hunt

Russell Crowe Is Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde In The Mummy Reboot?

Will his mysterious role expand to its own spin-off movie?
By Matt Holmes

9 Ridiculous Upcoming Cinematic Universes

Because Dracula Untold was such a success.
By Padraig Cotter

First Look At Tom Cruise On Set Of The Mummy

Are we sure this isn't a Jack Reacher sequel?
By James Hunt

Sofia Boutella In Talks To Play The Mummy

This time around its a female villain!
By Dan Woburn

Alex Kurtzman To Direct The Mummy Reboot

Universal Pictures to resurrect The Mummy... again.
By Tom Baker