The Rock


Predicting WrestleMania 32 Card After WrestleMania 31

Rock vs HHH or Rock & Rousey vs HHH & Steph?

30 Mar 2015 Jack G King

wwe Don Feria/AP

The Rock Vs Triple H To Main Event WrestleMania 32

Ronda Rousey could make her WWE wrestling debut next year.

30 Mar 2015 Grahame Herbert


8 Ups And 9 Downs From WWE WrestleMania 31

WWE manages to make chicken salad out of poorly hyped event.

30 Mar 2015 Scott Carlson

wwe AP

10 Biggest WrestleMania Lies

Once in a lifetime... except when it's not.

29 Mar 2015 John Canton

wwe Brock Lesnar The Rock Deviant Art

31 Things That Must Happen After WrestleMania 31

Next season of WWE usually kicks off the night after Mania.

29 Mar 2015 John Canton


10 Top Drawing WWE Stars In WrestleMania History

The icons who popped the biggest numbers for 'Mania.

27 Mar 2015 Graham GSM Matthews


10 Worst WrestleMania Endings Ever

Did The Rock really have to endorse John Cena at WrestleMania 29?

27 Mar 2015 Jack G King


Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock Set For WrestleMania 32?

If Lesnar re-signs, The Rock will be where he's headed.

23 Mar 2015 Jay Anderson


10 Biggest WWF vs WCW Clashes

Triple H vs Sting is just the latest in a long line of post-Monday Night Wars clashes.

18 Mar 2015 Jack G King


10 Words That Only Exist Because Of Wrestling

Where would we be if we couldn't use the word Smackdown?

18 Mar 2015 Liam Johnson


10 WrestleMania Main Events That Nobody Wanted To See

The biggest match of the year and the fans don't even want it.

11 Mar 2015 Mike Shannon