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20 Best Wrestling Insults Ever

Whether comical or vicious, sharp tongues and pro wrestlers go hand in hand.
By John Bills
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10 Biggest WWE WrestleMania PPV Buys Ever

What was the most successful Mania of all time?
By Grahame Herbert
The Rock Black Adam

8 DC Comics Characters Who Should Replace Green Lantern In Justice League

In brightest day, in blackest night... Just call The Rock instead.
By Josh Wilding
The Rock WrestleMania 2000

Rebooking WWE WrestleMania 2000: 8 Ways To Make It Better

Goodbye 'A McMahon in every corner'. Hello main event that people actually wanted to see.
By Lewis Howse
The Rock Kevin Hart Central Intelligence

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson To Co-Host MTV Movie Awards

Rock and "Central Intelligence" co-star Kevin Hart to host April 10 awards show.
By Scott Fried
The Rock Hulk Hogan No Way Out 2003

12 February WWE PPV Matches That Totally Sucked

How NOT to get people excited for WrestleMania.
By Erik Beaston
Steve Austin The Rock WrestleMania 27

9 Things WWE Must Do To Bring Back Causal Wrestling Fans

Just where did everyone from the Attitude Era go?
By Louis Evans

10 Reasons You'll Never Be As Awesome As The Rock

Is The Rock the coolest man on the planet? Yes, and here's the proof.
By Josh Wilding
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10 Predictions For WWE Raw During WrestleMania Season

What will the best run of the year have in store?
By Grahame Herbert
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10 Things We Never Thought We Would See In WWE In The 2010s

AJ Styles arriving in WWE wasn't the only shocking event to have occurred this decade.
By Graham GSM Matthews
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The Rock Responds To WWE Being Angry At His Raw Promo

"Nightmare for Vince."
By Grahame Herbert
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The Rock And Royal Rumble Lead To Raw Ratings Increase

Some good news for WWE as WrestleMania season begins.
By Grahame Herbert
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47 WTF Moments From WWE RAW (Jan 25)

By Ross Tweddell
The Rock Raw

The Rock Returns To Raw For WrestleMania Push

As expected, The Great One showed up in Miami.
By Grahame Herbert
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7 Ups And 7 Downs From Last Night's WWE Raw (Jan 25)

An electrifying return, and setting up a main event setting up the Mania main event.
By Scott Carlson
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WWE Teasing Major Return For Tonight's Raw

Could it be The Rock? Taker?
By Simon Gallagher
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11 Shocks WWE Could Pull At Royal Rumble 2016

Deadman walking.
By Grahame Herbert
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The Rock And Stone Cold Steve Austin Booked For WWE WrestleMania 32

Two biggest WWE icons will be on the show.
By Grahame Herbert
The Rock Triple H SummerSlam 1998

WWE SummerSlam 1998: 8 Observations From The Rock Vs Triple H

A career-defining showdown for the ages.
By Luis Vasquez
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Update On The Rock Wrestling At WWE WrestleMania 32

He's there, but is he competing?
By Grahame Herbert

10 Best Ways To Use The Rock At WWE WrestleMania 32

Just what will The Great One be doing on April 3rd, 2016?
By Kenny McIntosh

10 Things To Remember About WWE Survivor Series 98 Deadly Game Tournament

A new corporate champion was crowned on a night WWE fans will never forget!
By John Canton

10 Highest Grossing Movies Starring WWE Stars

From Drax The Destroyer to Thunderlips.
By Kenny McIntosh

17 Best Halloween Costumes That Celebs Wore This Year

What would you have worn if you had their cash?
By M.L. Gabriel

10 Definitive Levels To The Rock & Triple H's Epic Rivalry

Was this secretly the Attitude Era's best rivalry?
By Rich D. Latta II

10 WWE Feuds For Brock Lesnar After The Undertaker

Who's next for The Beast?
By Grahame Herbert

10 Best Ways WWE Can Use The Rock Before Royal Rumble

The Rock and WWE are talking about working together before the end of 2015.
By Grahame Herbert

The Rock WWE Return Close To Happening

The Rock looks to be coming back earlier than expected.
By Grahame Herbert
Fast Five

15 Greatest Ever Guilty Pleasure Action Movies

Lock and Load!
By Jason Hall

WWE Move The Rock To Current Roster - Return Imminent?

The Rock expected to headline WrestleMania 32.
By Grahame Herbert