The Witcher 2: Assassin Of Kings


The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings Enhanced Edition Review (Xbox 360)

Don’t come thinking “ooo Dwarves, Elves, Magic!”, instead prepare yourself for sexually ambiguous monarchs, monsters with depression, morally grey despots, racism, adultery and bloody murder. Modern gaming should stop and take a long hard look at The Witcher 2.

17 Apr 2012 Jim Cross


Top 5 Video Games of 2011

Our video game reporter Matt Mann chronicles his top five gaming titles of the past 12 months...

1 Jan 2012 Matt Mann

Dark Souls

PS3 Review: Dark Souls

The follow up to the notorious Demon's Souls will lure you in and break your spirit. Prepare to die.

9 Oct 2011 Ed Moorhouse


WITCHER 3 Possibly in the Works

Witcher 2 was one of the best received RPGs this year and it sold very well so no real surprise a threequel is coming.

26 Sep 2011 Matt Mann


BATTLEFIELD 3 Requires Origin for PC

PC users who buy a retail copy of Battlefield 3 will still be forced to use the EA's digital distribution service Origin to play the game.

12 Aug 2011 Matt Mann


The Rest Of 2011 In RPGs

The next six months are about to be filled with more RPG goodness than any one mere mortal could comprehend. Thankfully we’ve prepared a guide for you...

11 Jul 2011 Phillip Aram