Tobe Hooper

20 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

My family’s always been in meat …
By Helen Jones

Ranking Every Tobe Hooper Film From Worst To Best

Chainsaws, poltergeists, space vampires and more.
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Blu-ray Review: THE FUNHOUSE

Tobe Hooper’s Funhouse is an uneven and awkwardly paced slasher, but still worth watching due to its great atmosphere. Arrow as always has provided an excellent range of features which more than make up for any flaws in the film itself.…
By Stephen Leigh

FrightFest 2010: TOBE HOOPER was a quietly mannered presence, while ROBERT ENGLUND stayed on the rocks

By Oliver Pfeiffer

Hooper driving King's FROM A BUICK 8

He hasn't directed a good movie in 25 years (and some say he didn't even direct that) but Tobe Hooper is in charge of helming King's great novel From a Buick 8.…
By Matt Holmes

Tobe Hooper tackling Al Qaeda thriller?

By Matt Holmes

Tobe Hooper working on "the Mexican Freddy Krueger"

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