Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Collateral

9 Movie Heroes Who Lived Long Enough To Become The Villain

Because you can't be the good guy forever.
By Sam Hill
Tom Cruise Annabelle Wallis The Mummy

First Look At Tom Cruise On Set Of The Mummy

Are we sure this isn't a Jack Reacher sequel?
By James Hunt
War f th =e Worlds ending Tom Cruise

10 Movies With Annoyingly Abrupt Endings

Uh, where's the rest of the film?
By Sam Hill
Tom Cruise Scientology

8 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories About Popular Actors

From Illuminati sacrifices to Scientology weddings...things are about to get weird.
By Brian Wilson
Minority Report

10 Great Movies Ruined By Happy Endings

Sometimes you need a bit more sour to go with the sweet.
By Andrew Dilks
Vanilla Sky

13 Brilliant Plot Twists That Couldn't Quite Save Terrible Movies

So close, yet so far away from redemption.
By Connor Briggs-Morris
tom cruise

8 Actors Who Should Have Won Oscars (But Never Will)

So close to gold yet so far...
By Brian Wilson
vanilla sky mask

10 Most Underrated Movie Remakes Since 2000

Judged way too harshly upon release, it's time to reappraise these remakes.
By Sam Hill
tom cruise iron man

20 Things That Almost Completely Changed The MCU

Adam Sandler and Rocket Raccoon? Now that's a jarring combination!
By Sam Hill
James Bond Mission Impossible

8 Reasons Mission Impossible Is Better Than James Bond

Choose to accept it.
By Nathan Hastings
Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Ethan Hunt

6 Actors Who Nearly Died Filming 2015's Biggest Movies

Huge paycheck. Near death experience. Was it worth it?
By Sam Hill
Mission Impossible 6

Mission Impossible 6: 10 Things It Must Address

It's within the realm of possibility for the series to go out on top.
By Jay Anderson
7 Title

Tom Cruise Will Film Jack Reacher 2 In November

The cameras will roll on Ed Zwick's sequel this autumn.
By Daniel Kelly
Tom Cruise Cocktail

15 Awful Films Mission Impossible Actors Want You To Forget

From making cocktails to hanging off planes, Tom Cruise has come a long way...
By Jack Pooley
Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Tom Cruise

10 Ways The Mission Impossible Movies Keep Getting Better

Since when are the fourth and fifth movies better than the original?
By Brendan Morrow
Mission Impossible Review

Alex Reviews Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation - How Is The Franchise Still This Much Fun?

Tom Cruise Runs About And Jumps Off Things #5 is as good as ever.
By Alex Leadbeater
Tom Cruise The Simpsons

11 Celebrities Who Rejected The Simpsons

Why would anyone turn down immortality in yellow?
By David Fribbins
Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Reviews: 11 Early Reactions You Need To Know

One of the series' best entries to date, if not without its flaws...
By Jack Pooley
Top Gun

8 Inherently Annoying Movies That Everyone You Know Seems To Love

What's so good about Top Gun, anyway?
By Sam Hill
Bartending Cruise Moe Simpsons

10 Hacks That Every Bartender Needs To Know

Man, that was a really pleasant shift... said no one, ever.
By Martin Mallon
Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

10 Potentially Awesome Movies Released in July 2015

A whole month of cinematic awesomeness awaits.
By Andrew Dilks
Vanilla Sky Tom Cruise mask

What Does The Ending Of Vanilla Sky Really Mean?

Unravelling Cameron Crowe's greatest mystery.
By Brogan Morris
Tom Cruise Keanu Reeves Nic Cage

10 Most Polarising Actors Of All-Time

The Marmite of Hollywood.
By Sam Hill
Ghost Protocol 1

10 Things You Need To Know About Mission: Impossible 5

Here's all the intel you'll ever need on Mission: Impossible 5!
By Josh Wilding
Drew Pearce 37540

Mission: Impossible 5 Will Screen In IMAX Around The World

The only way to really see the movie on July 31st, 2015.
By Brendon Connelly
Mission Impossible Tom Cruise

Mission: Impossible 5 Coming Five Months Sooner Than Expected

Christopher McQuarrie's movie backs down from Star Wars; The Force Awakens.
By Josh Wilding
Tom Cruise Edge Of Tomorrow

10 Amazing 2014 Performances That Changed Your Mind About Actors You Hate

Cage, Cruise, Keanu. The boys are back in town.
By Lewis Howse
12 Monkeys Brad Pitt

10 Amazing Performances That Turned Teen Idols Into Legitimate Actors

When actors have an unholy combination of teen appeal and actual talent.
By Audrey Fox
Edge Of Tomorrow Tom Cruise

10 Best Sci-Fi Movies Of 2014

The year in sci-fi cinema, from good to great.
By Sam Hill
Tom Cruise And Wililam Mapother

9 Actors You Won't Believe Are Related

Tom Cruise has a tall (and famous) relative. No, really.
By Joe Pring