Tomb Raider

gaming Crystal Dynamics/WhatCulture

Tomb Raider: All 12 Games Ranked From Worst To Best

From locking butlers in fridges to dodging bullets on mountainsides.

3 Nov 2015 Robert Zak

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13 Video Game Characters You Didn't Realise Were Based On Real People

And there you were thinking that Sonic was an entirely original idea...

10 Oct 2015 Robert Zak

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10 Video Game Reboots That Saved Iconic Franchises

There's a reason no one talked about Call of Duty before Modern Warfare.

29 Sep 2015 Josh Brown

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14 'Genius' Video Game Features That Were Total Accidents

You won't believe where GTA's Wanted Level came from.

14 Sep 2015 Scott Tailford

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New Tomb Raider Movie Gets A Fresh Screenwriter And Studio Deal

Reboot button has been pressed on the reboot?

25 Feb 2015 Brendon Connelly

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10 Best Xbox One Games (So Far)

Absolutely mandatory titles for your Xbox One library.

19 Aug 2014 Tom Butler

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10 Embarrassing Things We All Did In Famous Video Games

Go on, admit it, you locked him in the fridge too.

21 Apr 2014 Jack Pooley

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10 Video Games With Utterly Pointless Multiplayer Modes You Ignored

We'll stick with the campaign, thank you very much.

19 Mar 2014 Nathan P. Gibson

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10 Great Video Games That Almost Never Happened At All

GTA's success was always a certainty, right? Nope, it nearly didn't even happen.

14 Mar 2014 Ben Gibson

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10 Video Games With The Most Outstanding Graphics Of 2013

The year may be over, but the vast majority of games here still look better than some of those we're waiting for.

28 Feb 2014 Oliver McQuitty

gaming Naughty Dog

10 Video Game Film Adaptations In Production Right Now

Traditionally speaking, video game to movie adaptations totally suck. Fingers crossed one of these upcoming flicks breaks the tradition.

15 Jan 2014 Cara Brander

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10 Resolutions Gaming's Heroes Need To Keep

Shouldn't Mario finally start keeping a better handle on Princess Peach this year?

13 Jan 2014 Robert Kojder

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5 Video Games That Influenced Real Life Decision Making

Who says video games can't teach you about anything else but violence and bloodlust?

9 Jan 2014 Matthew Ryder

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10 Critically-Acclaimed 2013 Video Games (With Major Gameplay Flaws)

Even the biggest and best games of 2013 were far from flawless.

6 Jan 2014 Brittany Gadsden

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13 Best Moments In 2013's Best Games

The moments that grabbed us most in 2013's most memorable games.

5 Jan 2014 Robert Kojder

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10 Incredibly Moving Scenes In Video Games Ruined By Player Input

These games actually had the nerve to ask us to "play them." Pfft.

3 Jan 2014 Thomas Broome-Jones