9 Things That Must Happen In The New Series Of Torchwood

Is 2015 when everything finally changes?
By Dan Butler
Jack Torchwood Big Finish

Captain Jack Returns In Brand New Torchwood Audio Series

Spin off to resume after 4 year hiatus.
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Torchwood: 10 Moments Almost Too Raunchy For TV

It's just sex, sex, sex with these people.
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10 Best Genre TV Show Spin-Offs

Sometimes going back to the genre well pays off.
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Torchwood Captain Jack Surrender

15 Cult Sci-Fi TV Series That Ended Way Too Soon

Fans weren't OK when these series ended and still miss them now. Do you?
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Doctor Who: 10 Times Captain Jack Died And Lived To Tell The Tale

Jack comes back. And back. And back again.
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10 Things That Need To Happen If Torchwood Comes Back

Series 5 could be when everything changes.
By Dan Butler

Torchwood: 4 Things Miracle Day Got Wrong (And 4 Things It Got Right)

Where did it all go so wrong?
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Kif Futurama

10 Science Fiction TV Episodes To Watch While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a weird thing as it is. Don't go and make it weirder by watching these shows...
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After Ripper Street was renewed by Amazon, we take a look at what other cancelled series could…
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10 Hugely Anticlimactic TV Reveals

Celebrating those times the writers wanted to clock off early, so phoned it in massively.
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11 TV Professionals Who Are Anything But

Entertaining to watch? Hell yes. Good at their jobs? Hell no.
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Doctor Who Jack Harkness

Doctor Who: 5 Reasons Why Jack Harkness Might Not Return

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10 Moments That Gave Fanboys A Bad Name

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8 Problems With Torchwood: Miracle Day

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5 Radio Plays That Prove a Firefly Radio Show Would Work

With television being such a visual medium, can a science fiction television show be adapted…
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Ernie Hudson's Not At Comic Con-Comic Con

Not everyone can attend San Diego Comic Con...
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TV Review: TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY - “The Blood Line”

It’s fascinating to look back at the first episode of Miracle Day and realize how much…
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TV Review: TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY - "The Gathering"

You ever been out on a date with someone and they initially seem exciting and interesting,…
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TV Review: TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY - 'End of the Road'

Well, we finally seem to get some forward momentum in this episode, but is it a case of too…
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TV Review: TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY - "Immortal Sins"

I’ll give the Torchwood production team this: they aren’t afraid to try something really…
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TV Review: TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY - “Middle Men”

Is it just me or does it seem like this episode and the previous one should have been combined…
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TV Review: TORCHWOOD MIRACLE DAY, 4.5 - "The Categories of Life"

Torchwood camps it up!
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TV Review: TORCHWOOD MIRACLE DAY, 4.4 - "Escape to LA"

This was another good, solid episode, though in many ways it felt a bit weaker than the others…
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TV Review: TORCHWOOD MIRACLE DAY, 4.3 – “Dead of Night”

Is it necrophilia if your partner should be dead, but isn’t?
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TV Review: TORCHWOOD MIRACLE DAY, 4.2 – “Rendition”

This week's episode is more about moving pieces around on the board than it is about advancing…
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TV Review: TORCHWOOD MIRACLE DAY, 4.1 - "The New World"

The first episode of the fourth series of the Doctor Who spinoff, the first to be co-produced…
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TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY Kicks-Ass - Second Positive Review!

Our second glowing review of Torchwood: Miracle Day, 4.1 which has debuted on Starz network in…
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Eve Myles spills on TORCHWOOD: THE NEW WORLD

By Dan Owen


By Dan Owen