Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

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10 Incredible Video Games You Can Beat In A Few Hours

Length doesn't matter when you've got memories for life.
By Matthew Byrd
Uncharted 2 Nathan Drake Choke Out

10 Gaming Heroes You Didn't Realise Are Murderous Psychopaths

Sure, they might save the world or even the galaxy a few times over, but at what cost?
By Kenneth Cummings
Red Dead Redemption

10 Most Memorable Uses Of Music In Video Games

By Callum Gibson
Uncharted 2

10 Awesome Video Games That Succeeded Against The Odds

By Jon Negroni
La Noire

10 Most Widely Celebrated PS3 Games

By Zachary John
Halo 4 Pc 600x3001

GTA V: 9 Other Games We Called In Sick To Play On Release Date

By Tom Skinner

10 Titles That Confirm Video Games Can Be Art

Ebert can stick these in his pipe and smoke 'em.
By Brandon Jacobs
2011 Game Of The Year

WhatCulture's 2011 Game Of The Year

WhatCulture's readers have voted, find out who your Game of the Year is and check out our…
By Ed Moorhouse
Uncharted 3

UNCHARTED 3 Sells 3.8 Million in First Day

It was reported earlier this week that Uncharted 3 had surpassed 1.1 million copies sold in a…
By Matt Mann
Uncharted 3

UNCHARTED 3 Sells More Than 1 Million Copies in a Week

Uncharted 3 is turning out to be one of the most successful launches ever for the PS3.
By Matt Mann

UNCHARTED 3: The Greatest Game Of 2011 Or A Retread Of Uncharted 2?

Check out how the gaming community has responded to Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.
By Ed Moorhouse
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UNCHARTED 3 Single Player Campaign Will Take 8-9 Hours To Complete

This is slightly less than the last game Uncharted 2 which generally took about 10-12 hours to…
By Matt Mann
Resistance 3

PS3 Review: Resistance 3

Resistance 3 handles like an extension of your self. The controls will be familiar to an FPS…
By Ed Moorhouse
Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Xbox 360 Video Review: DEUS EX: Human Revolution

Does Human Revolution live up to the promotional hype we have been reading these last few…
By Ed Moorhouse

Xbox 360 Review: DEUS EX: Human Revolution

It isn't quite perfection but it comes close. You will soon forget any shortcomings as you…
By Ed Moorhouse