Warren Beatty

Oscars 2018: 16 WTF Moments

The good, the bad and the insane.
By Jack Pooley

Warren Beatty Is "Serious" About Making Dick Tracy 2

“I’m serious about it, but I am slow about these things.”​
By Matt Holmes

10 Awesome Actors Who Just Dropped Off The Face Of The Earth

Some actors work far past their prime, some die or fade away too young and others just disappear without much explanation at all. …
By Jon Manson

Felicity Jones To Portray Howard Hughes' Love Interest For Warren Beatty

Justin Timberlake & Alden Ehrenreich also in the mix to play a young Howard Hughes in the movie Warren Beatty will write, direct & star in. …
By Matt Holmes

Warren Beatty's Howard Hughes Movie Finds Home At New Regency

Despite Paramount previously seeming eager, Beatty's movie based on the life of the famous 20th century recluse finds home at the Fox subsidiary. …
By Matt Holmes

Original Writer James Toback Pissed At THE GAMBLER Remake

Says he would have been flattered by the idea but accuses Paramount & the talent behind it of 'rudeness' and 'disrespect' for not bothering to let him know about it. …
By Matt Holmes

Warren Beatty Wins Lawsuit To Retain DICK TRACY Film & T.V. Rights

By Matt Holmes

Matthew Vaughn Wants Nicholson, Beatty & Eastwood For THE GOLDEN AGE

By Matt Holmes