Watchmen rorschach

10 Great Comic Book Movies You'll Never Watch Again (And Why)

Not every Batman movie is worth going back to.
By Connor Briggs-Morris
Watchmen Ozymandias

10 Times Comic Book Movies Departed From The Canon And It Was Great

A faithful adaptation is not the same as a good one.
By Jack Gann
Watchmen DC

7 Reasons Why Watchmen Is The Best DC Film So Far

Who watches the Watchmen? Not enough people if you ask me.
By Mark Grainger
Kick-Ass Big Daddy Death

12 Comic Book Movie Characters Who Deserved Better Deaths

The bigger they are, the more disappointingly they fall.
By K.J. Stewart
Comic Book Anti-Heroes

12 Greatest Ever Comic Book Movie Anti-Heroes

It's good to be a little bit bad.
By Simon Gallagher
HBo Watchmen

Watchmen TV Show: HBO And Zack Snyder Teaming Up For New Adaptation

So, you'll be watching the Watchmen, then...
By Simon Gallagher
Watchmen Blu

12 Supposedly Unfilmable Films That Actually Got Made

They were deemed to be "unfilmable." They were wrong.
By Brogan Morris
Watchmen Censorship

10 Most Bizarre Cases of Movie Censorship

Full frontal nudity is OK, but you can't show guns?!
By Andrew Dilks
11qk1ly Gif

10 Comic Book Catastrophes That Killed Millions

You thought Man Of Steel's death toll was bad? Hoo boy...
By Tom Baker

20 Most Controversial Movie Endings

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story." - Frank Herbert
By Sam Hill
Watchmen Blu

Ranking Every DC Comic Book Movie - From Worst to Best

Does Watchmen crack the top ten?
By Scott Campbell
Watchmen Doctor Manhattan Silk Spectre

10 Essential Relationship Tips We Learned From Superheroes

If you're too busy to make love to your woman, send in the clones.
By Tom Baker
Spidey 911

12 Shocking Real-Life Incidents That Affected Comics

Murder, AIDS, Anonymous and Arse Face... Oh My!
By Chris OMalley
Sucker Punch

10 Biggest Mistakes Zack Snyder Has Made In His Movies (So Far)

"Can we get some more slo-mo up in here?" - Zack Snyder, all the time, every day
By Robert Tiemstra
Dark Knight Rises

10 Most Disappointing Comic Book Movies Of All-Time

Great expectations.
By WhatCulture

8 Films That Would Have Worked Much Better As TV Shows

Because sometimes, there's too much goodness for a film alone.
By Alex Leadbeater
Natalie Portman V For Vendetta

8 Awesome Alan Moore Moments That We Didn't Get To See On Film

Could these ignored Alan Moore moments have helped their subsequent movie adaptations towards…
By Matthew Chard
Bane Batman

10 Hilariously One-Sided Movie Duels

Reliving those times when the outclassed received a beating so bad, it made their ancestors…
By Sam Forrester
the dark knight rises bane

10 Greatest Opening Scenes In Comic Book Movie History

By Jack Pooley
dredd slow mo

9 Extremely Effective Slow-Motion Film Scenes

Over-used? Yes. Occasionally marvellous? Damn straight.
By Robert Tiemstra
Batman Forever Jim Carrey2

10 Ridiculous Comic Book Castings (That Actually Totally Worked)

By Jack Pooley
J Kerr

20 Brilliantly Obscure DC Movie Easter Eggs You Didn't Notice

By Simon Gallagher
Captain America

8 Most Bogus Superpowers In Comic Book Movies

By Henri Pearson
Tumblr Mth9n1bwb31r04g55o5 500 Gif

10 Great Moments From Not So Great Movies

By Scott Campbell
Sin City

7 More Comics Telltale Games Should Adapt Into Masterpieces

By Kevin Lanigan
Bane Gif

20 Superhero Movie Moments That Were Impossible To Forget

By WhatCulture

6 Awesome Movie Superheroine Costumes (And 4 That Sucked)

By K.J. Stewart

10 Foolhardy Movies That Somehow Missed Their Own Point

By T.J. Barnard

10 Awesome Superhero Villains Utterly Wasted In Their Movie Adaptation

By Alex Leadbeater
Return Of The Jedi

10 Almost Great Movies Derailed By A Single Embarrassing Moment

By T.J. Barnard