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10 Emotional Movie Scenes That Were Unintentionally Hilarious

By Thomas Broome-Jones

Batman vs Superman Movie - 7 Actors Who Could Play Nightwing

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Gone Review: Another Dull Amanda Seyfried Vehicle

Another squandering of Amanda Seyfried's talent, this low-mileage thriller won't be remembered for long.…
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The Hunger Games Review: Derivative & Overlong But Delivers The Goods

The Hunger Games has just enough bite for teens likely to find Battle Royale a little too unwieldy and the uninitiated members of the target audience will likely get a kick out of it too.…
By Shaun Munro

Underworld Awakening Review: Pointless & Shrewdly Conceived

This superfluous fourth entry is at least graced with the presence of a returning Kate Beckinsale, but with a script demonstrating this much contempt for its audience, how much does her PVC-clad swagger really count for?…
By Shaun Munro