World Of Warcraft

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Still waiting on that great video game movie.
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Infamous screw-ups that tarnished otherwise awesome games
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It's so colourful.
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World Of Warcraft: 5 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

It's been going for almost ten years and has more users than several countries. World of…
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10 Reasons To Hate World Of Warcraft

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4 Reasons Why Gaming Must Be Used in Education

Games are everywhere and it's time they were brought into the classroom
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10 Reasons Why Guild Wars 2 is Better than World of Warcraft

Is Guild Wars 2 the fabled "WOW Killer" the world has been anticipating?
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World of Warcraft: 6 Scary Things Blizzard Don’t Like to Talk About

World of Warcraft is only going to keep getting stronger; we're very doubtful that anything…
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10 Glitches That Ruined Your Favourite Games

Many of these examples were blocked from our memory as a subconscious defense mechanism, they…
By Stuart W. Bedford

WoW Mists of Pandaria Special Editions & Release Date Unveiled

World Of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria Arrives 25th September with two special editions. Details…
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Spec Ops: The Line Reviews Prove Gaming Journalism Is Broken

Videogames are about doing as you’re told. And so too, it seems, are videogame reviews.
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World of Warcraft Monopoly Now Available

For those of you who manage to bravely pry yourselves away from the world’s most Heroin-like…
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The Infuriating World of Diablo 3

…and I don’t mean dying on your Monk in Hell Act 4 hardcore mode…
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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Beta Incoming

With beta test servers now live, many players have already downloaded their beta clients for…
By Michael Shelton

Major Layoffs at Blizzard With 600 People Losing Their Jobs

Blizzard anticipating approximately 90% of the cuts to jobs not related to game development.
By Matt Mann

Activision/Blizzard Still a Behemoth

Activision/Blizzard have held their fourth quarter 2011 conference call for investors, and the…
By Michael Shelton

WORLD OF WARCRAFT Loses 2 Million Subscribers in 2011

Subscriber numbers have fallen from 12 million to 10.3 million and in the summer months…
By Matt Holmes

World of Warcraft Members To Get DIABLO III Free

World of Warcraft members will have a chance to get Diablo III for free if they sign up for…
By Matt Mann