World Of Warcraft

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New Warcraft TV Spot Shows Even More Awesome CGI Action

It's so colourful.

25 Jan 2016 Dan Woburn

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World Of Warcraft: 9 Modern Complaints Real Fans Are Sick Of Hearing

Reminiscing fanboys, subscription fees and some hardcore Raid Finder-hate.

14 Jul 2015 Martin Mallon

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10 Ways To Tell If World Of Warcraft Owns Your Soul

Just when you think you're out, they pull you back in.

10 Apr 2015 Sam Barwick


World Of Warcraft: 5 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

It's been going for almost ten years and has more users than several countries. World of Warcraft just can't be ignored...

12 Jun 2014 Tom Butler

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12 Ridiculous Video Game Ideas That Should Never Have Worked

Some video games just shouldn't exist. And yet they do and are awesome...

28 Jan 2014 Jack Pooley

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4 Reasons Why Gaming Must Be Used in Education

Games are everywhere and it's time they were brought into the classroom

24 Sep 2012 Edward Owen

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10 Reasons Why Guild Wars 2 is Better than World of Warcraft

Is Guild Wars 2 the fabled "WOW Killer" the world has been anticipating?

15 Sep 2012 Doug Smith

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World of Warcraft: 6 Scary Things Blizzard Don’t Like to Talk About

World of Warcraft is only going to keep getting stronger; we're very doubtful that anything can kill it completely at this stage.

7 Aug 2012 Stuart W. Bedford

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10 Glitches That Ruined Your Favourite Games

Many of these examples were blocked from our memory as a subconscious defense mechanism, they were just that painful. But it really does help to talk about it…

6 Aug 2012 Stuart W. Bedford

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WoW Mists of Pandaria Special Editions & Release Date Unveiled

World Of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria Arrives 25th September with two special editions. Details within.

25 Jul 2012 Simon Gallagher