WWE Royal Rumble

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7 Record Book Changes That Happened At WWE Royal Rumble 2016

Which Rumble records were set? Which records were threatened or are in danger?

27 Jan 2016 Scott Carlson

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Royal Rumble 2016: 20 Best Internet Reactions To Triple H's Victory

Talk about your split opinions...

25 Jan 2016 Simon Gallagher

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WWE Royal Rumble 2016: What Just Happened?!

"As far as it goes, the Royal Rumble has been a HUGE success."

25 Jan 2016 Simon Gallagher

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Backstage Reaction To Triple H WWE Title Royal Rumble Win

Video of Hunter before and after his big victory.

25 Jan 2016 Grahame Herbert


WWE Royal Rumble: 10 Awesome Moments

The crowd popped big when Triple H eliminated Roman Reigns...

25 Jan 2016 Jamie Kennedy

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12 Ups And 8 Downs From WWE Royal Rumble 2016

A 'Phenomenal' Rumble, with surprises and a new world champ!

25 Jan 2016 Scott Carlson


30 Most WTF Moments In WWE Royal Rumble History

What the hell will Kofi Kingston do next?

24 Jan 2016 Jack Pooley

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10 Possible Swerves For The 2016 WWE Royal Rumble

Could we see some massive returns in Orlando?

24 Jan 2016 Graham GSM Matthews

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Every WWE Royal Rumble's Best Performer

Recognising the MVPs, the anchors, the marathon men, and those who held every Rumble together.

23 Jan 2016 Andrew Pollard

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15 Fascinating WWE Royal Rumble Facts You Need To Know

Unusual occurrences and factoids you must know!

23 Jan 2016 Justin Henry

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Update On AJ Styles TNA/WWE Situation And Royal Rumble

Did he sign with TNA? Is he out of the Royal Rumble?

23 Jan 2016 Grahame Herbert

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Josh From Tough Enough To Debut In The Royal Rumble?

An in-ring "hazing" could end up happening live on PPV Sunday night.

23 Jan 2016 Ryan Droste

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WWE Royal Rumble: 10 Most Criminally Overlooked Matches

It's not ALL about the Rumble match, you know...

22 Jan 2016 Lewis Howse

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Every WWE Royal Rumble Match - From Worst To Best

As we approach the 29th Royal Rumble, how do the previous 28 stack up against each other?

22 Jan 2016 John Bills

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10 Worst WWE Royal Rumble Matches Ever

The most fun match of the year or a battle royal with a buzzer?

21 Jan 2016 Kenny McIntosh

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11 WWE Royal Rumble Statistics You Need To Know

Who's entered first and last? Who's lasted longest? Who's won the quickest? Answers inside.

20 Jan 2016 Scott Carlson

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10 Most Useless WWE Royal Rumble Entrants Ever

What do Michael Cole, Hornswoggle and a fake Razor Ramon have in common?

20 Jan 2016 Jamie Kennedy

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10 Most Controversial WWE Royal Rumble Moments Ever

Nobody ever needed to see Mae Young's exposed breasts.

19 Jan 2016 Gavin Lloyd


10 WWE Royal Rumble Eliminations That Infuriated Fans

Batista's 2014 Rumble win was not popular in the slightest...

18 Jan 2016 Jamie Kennedy