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10 Signs You Have Lived In London For Too Long

The Big Smoke does things to you after a while...

26 Jan 2015 Lee Gant

The Hobbit Air New Zealand Ad

Hobbits Take Flight Once Again In The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made

Brought to you by Air New Zealand

23 Oct 2014 Peter Willis

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10 "Bucket List" Tourist Attractions That Are Totally Overrated

You really don't need to see these attractions before you die.

1 Oct 2014 Audrey Fox


10 Things You Learn Traveling Eastern Europe

Beautiful women, cheap beer, fast broadband...what more could anyone want?

24 Sep 2014 Cheish Merryweather

20th Century Fox

10 Real-World Filming Locations You Really Need To Visit

How many of you knew that LV-223 from 2010's Prometheus was actually just Hekla in Iceland, or that Mars in John Carter was actually the Mojave desert? There's a wealth of shooting locations you can visit yourself.

11 Feb 2014 John Quigley


10 Fictional Places We'd All Love To Visit

The true measure of any fictional work is how well it immerses the audience in the world it creates.

21 Jan 2014 Jack Pooley

Sony Pictures

5 Locations That Look Good In The Movies (But Suck In Real Life)

Doesn't Home Alone 2 make New York look magical, safe and affordable?

11 Jan 2014 David Dudhnath


5 Great Reasons to Visit Granada (Spain)

3 Jan 2013 Laurence Gardner