Granada (89)

I visited the Andalusian city Granada (“pomegranate” in Spanish) while I was living in Seville, and enjoyed myself so much I later returned to live there for a year. It’s a captivating city, characterised by the fascinating mixture of Spanish/Muslim architecture and its relaxed ‘anything goes’ student atmosphere. There’s a whole host of reasons to holiday there (whatever your taste), and we’ve gathered up 5 of the best ones for you. Reasons like…

5. Sun, Sea and… Snow?

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It’s famously said that it’s possible to go skiing in Granada and then sunbathe on the beach – in the same day. The city is right next to the Sierra Nevada, the highest point in all of continental Spain (the sight of the snowy peak dominates the city, providing some spectacular views), and there’s some great skiing and snowboarding to be had there.

Or, if you’re feeling less active (which may well be the case after a night out at the local clubs), there’s the nearby beach Herradura. It’s beautiful but stony, so if you’re in the mood for sand you’ll have to head to nearby Cabo de Gata, which has some of the finest beaches in Spain. Granada makes a great base if you fancy doing a bit of skiing or sunbathing in your vacation, but don’t want to dedicate your whole week to it. You can also go hiking in the nearby foothills, and there’s an almost endless supply of Spanish villages nearby if you fancy a day out of the city centre.

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This article was first posted on January 3, 2013