10½ Best Male Companions In Doctor Who History

No more will the female companions get all the attention!

Os Davis


Doctor Who - Rory Williams Cover

After my inaugural post, “9 Predictions About The Regeneration Conundrum” was blown out of the water within about 24 hours of posting, the topic for this post will not attempt to out-clever Steven Moffat and his crew, so let’s get back to some basics with a slightly less tricky topic.

Throughout its half-century of existence, Doctor Who has been known for its steady supply of typically attractive and sometimes refreshingly resourceful supporting ladies. Indeed, the Who Girl is perhaps only second (with a bullet) to Bond Girl in terms of prestige and adulation in adventure entertainment, and through the years have taken on many guises through to Clara, that charming one-time enigma wrapped in a riddle.

But with a recent tantalizing hint via Twitter from Tristan Beint, he who was briefly seen as Tom (the surely-approved-by-headmaster-Ian-Chesterson-himself) Coal Hill School teacher in “The Day of the Doctor,” that he might become a full-on Doctor Who companion in 2014 gets one to thinking about the male companions hidden in the glare of the attention-getting ladies. After all, guys have been traveling with the Doctor since the program’s very beginning.

But those male companions will be ignored no more – here we’re celebrating the 10 ½ best male companions to ever ride alongside Doctor Who through his illustrious history…