10 Actors Who Are Actually Much Better Than The TV Shows They're In

10. Josh Radnor - How I Met Your Mother

Tedhowimet You may know Josh Radnor better as his TV alias, Ted Mosby - a character who is so well-known as the annoyingly love-obsessed weirdo that when people see Josh Radnor's face they think only: "Look, it's Ted Mosby, the loser from How I Met Your Mother". Josh Radnor is no more; only Ted Mosby remains. Unfortunately for Josh, Ted Mosby is arguably the most irritating, overdone and contrived character on television. Any satirical dig at Ted always tends to revolve around how unlikely it is that a good-looking young guy would be so obsessed with "the one" and act like such a love-sick puppy all the time - and they're right to point that out. The fact is, he's just strange. Would you want to hang out with a guy who talked non-stop about love? No. No way. But don't write off Josh Radnor just yet. Although the guy hasn't appeared in too much, his turn as a defeated writer in the film Happy Thank You More Please is extremely believable and far more likeable than Ted Mosby could ever be. On top of that, he gives an equally respectable performance playing a recently dumped admissions officer who falls for a student at his old university in the movie Liberal Arts (by the same writer/director - himself), managing to exhibit some genuinely interesting (if a little pretentious) emotion at times - something Ted Mosby seems incapable of. Leave Ted behind, Josh. You're better than that.

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