Norman Reedus

Television shows are no stranger to cults and fandoms. Fanboys and fangirls are everywhere, especially now in the internet-obsessed time we live in. There are those group of fans who watch their favourite shows, follow them each week, enjoying them and maybe talking about them with their workmates by the water cooler every now and then to make discussion. There are those type of fans. Quite a few of them in fact, and  there’s nothing wrong with the way they enjoy their television.

Then, of course, their are the more, well, hardcore set of fans. When watching the show isn’t  just a way to pass the time. The promise of a new episode each week is what gives them purpose in life, and the few hours leading up to the premiere of their show every Monday night is so full of excitement that they struggle not to wet their pants.Yes, there are those type of fans too.

A huge part of why these shows appeal to fans on such a hardcore degree is the cast, and the characters. Often, just one particular character or actor. Sometimes an actor will shine so incredibly brightly in their role that they become bigger than the show itself. It’s almost as if what happens on the show is irrelevant, as long as they show up and play their part every week.
Sometimes the infatuation that is attached to the star is simply their looks. Hey, some fanboys/girls are shallow when it comes to their tv. That’s just the way it is.

But probably more often, and certainly more importantly, a love for the actor will come from how terrific they play their character, or even just how well that character is written, regardless of the actor’s ability to perform well.

Television shows have made massive cult stars out of many actors, which serves them incredibly well in establishing an audience for other shows or films they are in. Here are 10 such actors who pretty much owe their careers to the characters they played and their most beloved fans.

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This article was first posted on August 9, 2013