10 Anime TV Shows That Are Perfect For Beginners

10. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop
TV Tokyo

Premiering in Japan in 1998, Cowboy Bebop follows a crew of legalised bounty-hunters (known as Cowboys) as they track down high-profile targets for financial reward. Despite their success, the crew often find themselves in need of cash, taking whatever job comes their way in order to keep their ship (the Bebop) flying high.

The protagonist of the show is Spike Spiegel, a nonchalant hero and former assassin for the Red Dragon Syndicate, the principle antagonists in the show. It is this conflict that forms the basis for the plot; the rivalry between Spike and Vicious (an enforcer for the Syndicate), two former friends turned bitter adversaries.

Why It€™'s Perfect For Beginners: Anime can be difficult for some western viewers to get into due to the unfamiliarity of certain styles of Japanese storytelling. With its pulp and western influences however, Cowboy Bebop has been praised over the years for bridging this gap between western and eastern audiences, creating a show that merges genres and cultural sensibilities in order to create a wonderful hybrid of American and Japanese storytelling.

The show€™s also only 26 episodes long, so it€™s a perfect starting point for anyone who doesn€™t want to invest too much time into any one thing.

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