10 Awesome 90s TV Shows Which Should Not Be Forgotten

If you weren’t there, you can’t comprehend how cool Sliders was.

Jon Lovatt



If you’re reading this list about the 90s, it must mean you must have a lot of fond memories of growing up in that wonderful decade at the end of the 20th Century. Or maybe you just happened to be there, and thought the 90s were pretty good. Or maybe you clicked this by mistake. That’s a bit silly. Whatever your reason for reading this, it must mean you have some idea of what the 90s stand for. For a lot of us the 90s represents our childhood, or maybe our teenage years, or young adult years; but whatever, the 90s brings back memories of our youth.

One aspect of growing up in the 90s is our memories of TV. The programmes, events and news of the 90s can all be collectively remembered through television. Maybe you recall watching the 1994 World Cup, or seeing the news of Princess Diana’s death. Perhaps you were watching TV when the 90s came to an end, and saw the celebrations all over the world as the year 2000 rolled in. Personally I was sleeping through all of the above.

But overall, what we remember about the 90s are the TV shows. They essentially forged our childhood, influencing what toys we wanted to play with, how we wanted to dress, which friends we shared interests in. TV shows of the 90s are quite memorable. I bet we all remember seeing Rugrats as kids, or in the evening putting on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, or sitting on the sofa watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch. And everybody loved Pokemon of course. Even shows we might not have understood, we still watched, Buffy The Vampire Slayer filled our evenings, just as Friends and the Simpsons were filled with jokes and references sometimes way out of our understanding.

However, there are a number of TV shows from the 90s which are just on the outer edges of our memories. TV shows we used to watch, but can’t quite remember. For all the fans of the 90s out there, prepare to be struck with a severe case of nostalgia, as I bring you 10 Awesome 90s TV Shows Which Should Not Be Forgotten…