10 Awesome TV Shows That Never Won A (Major) Emmy Award

The biggest snubs from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

The Leftovers Water And Tears

Well, that was the Emmy Awards 2017. Stephen Colbert delivered a musical monologue that featured Chance the Rapper, Millie Bobby Brown, and the Demogorgon; Lena Waithe made history; Sterling K. Brown was unceremoniously played off; Veep, Big Little Lies, and The Handmaid's Tale all won big; Donald Glover rocked a purple tux (and won two awards); and Sean Spicer was somehow invited in on the joke.

For every big victory at the TV equivalent of the Oscars, though, there's a snub to go with it. The Handmaid's Tale deserved its win, for example, but it also means Better Call Saul is now 0-3 (and perhaps more egregiously, so too is its star, Bob Odenkirk).

This is nothing new for the Emmys, which has a habit of sticking to what it knows (especially looking at the Outstanding Comedy Series category), and given only a select number of shows can be handed the statues each year, it means that a lot of great TV series have had their best efforts go unrewarded. (Note: this is focused on the major directing, writing, acting, and overall series awards, rather than the technical or guest categories).

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