10 Most Badass Characters In TV History

10. Buffy Summers - Buffy The Vampire Slayer

A regular fixture on teenage boys' walls throughout the nineties and one of the first female characters on TV who wasn't defined by the relationship she happened to be in, Buffy was a bona fide heroine who took no prisoners. That's not to say that she didn't have to deal with the usual trials and tribulations that come from being an impossibly good looking high school cheerleader, but she also had to tackle demons, vampires, werewolves and Dracula. Not only was she capable of dispatching said foes, she was also always ready with a badass one-liner to cap it off. In addition to this, Buffy was often incredibly resourceful in her battles with the denizens of the underworld. She would frequently use her surroundings to her advantage, with chair legs, meat hooks, pool cues and many more seemingly innocuous items becoming instruments of death in her hands. Joss Whedon has stated that he created Buffy as he felt there were not enough strong, female characters on television. It's fair to say he has rectified that, and then some. Most Badass Moment Mayor Richard Wilkins was one of the most formidable enemies Buffy had ever come across. As Season 3 progressed, it became clear that Sunnydale was not in his best interests. Of course, Buffy always had her suspicions and they turn out to be wholly accurate by the time the finale rolls around. Cue an epic battle as Buffy leads her entire school in a fight to the death. It's a suitably badass ending to Buffy's tumultuous time in High School as it shows her innate ability to think outside the box when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds.

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