10 Best American Horror Story Characters

9. Cordelia Foxx


She’s the f**king supreme. Her rise to power in Coven was methodical and nuanced, playing well against Jessica Lange’s also brilliant Fiona Goode.

Though we see a much steelier version of the character towards Coven’s end (and returning in Apocalypse), she begins her story on our screens as someone kind, caring and gentle. It’s no wonder she sees the similarly sweet Mallory as her supreme successor. Having said that, she’s by no means a smiling dullard. Her relationship with her mother Fiona is acerbic, and while Fiona tends to land heavier blows, Cordelia gives as good as she gets. She might even have murdered her mother early in the season were she not wise enough to know the coven still needed to draw on Fiona’s power.

She’s also one of the most dedicated characters the show has ever seen. Her milky eyes are unnerving at first, though they are apparently key to her supernatural powers of Sight. When Myrtle Snow gives her new eyes, she cannot go on with only natural, human sight, and stabs her eyes with garden shears to get back what she lost.

Cordelia is tender, motherly, and nurturing, but she’s hardcore too.


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