10 Best Animated Fantasy TV Shows Of All Time

From Dragon Princes to Avatars, these are the best animated shows the fantasy genre has ever seen.


There is nothing quite like a magical tale of heroes vanquishing a great evil. Over the years, our TV screens have been blessed with a near endless stream of quality fantasy content. Even in 2020 when audiences will never stop fretting over the logic behind storylines and character decisions, this simple archetypal template can still make for some of the best viewing experiences ever.

Animated shows occupy a very special place in the fantasy spectrum. In past decades they gave us children’s classics and family favourites. In today’s entertainment world, they have been largely updated for more mature, complex content, while still retaining many of the classical tropes that made them popular in the first place.

Perhaps it is this versatility that makes animated fantasy shows so special. From teaching children to not talk to strangers to normalizing same sex couples, these shows have absolutely done it all.

But, having said all that, just which of these shows have made the biggest mark on their audiences? From trapped in a world of dragons to fighting to save dragon royalty, these, are the 10 best animated fantasy shows, ever.

A bit of a disclaimer: this list is limited to western shows and does not cover anime, in which case it would of course have looked very different.


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