10 Best Simpsons Characters Who Debuted After The Golden Age

The Simpsons has a host of classic characters, but which newcomers can kick it with the very best?


The Simpsons has a huge, sprawling cast, with Springfield and its residents as important to the show as the family themselves. And while the vast majority of them showed up in the Golden Era, there have been some great additions even after Simpsons has had its day in the sun.

Like this list of 10 Golden Age Episodes That Foreshadowed Its Decline, the Golden Age is considered to stop at Season 9. That means the likes of Gil Gunderson, Cookie Kwan, and Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon just miss out, all debuting in Season 9 as the Golden Era closed. Some here follow hot on their heels just as the show hit the decline, while others have only appeared recently in the new HD Era.

Rather than looking at guest stars, this list examines all the characters who’ve added to the narrative of The Simpsons, and to the town itself. Therefore, each character needs to have featured in at least two episodes to qualify. They’ve each shaped the wider Simpsons story in some way shape or form, either by adding new depth to the town, developing existing characters, or in some cases, both.


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